Friday, 5 April 2013

From sad and flabby to totally happy!

It would have been seconds after I wrote my last message (reporting that I had nothing to report) that I had something to report...

I once again had a visit from TTOTM... this is 3 months in a row, and trust me to always get it the week of a milestone weigh-in...  But seriously, once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence and three makes it a conspiracy... (or in my case a miracle)  I would hesitantly say that I think I am nearly back to being normal... (well in that department anyway)

I am sure I will get used to TTOTM and the signs that it's coming - I should have realised something was up when the day before I dedicated all of my snacks to chocolate... and I generally don't crave sweets - I love cheese and salami - it's my kryptonite - and yes I just used a Superman reference!! (I am feeling kind of super today!)

I did my measurements and time trial today (I will do the other stuff tomorrow)  I have lost 28cms this round (106cms in total - thats a whole lotta fat!!!) 

I also did my 1km run this morning in 5:15 (that's about 30 seconds better than last time)  although I was completely wrecked at the end of it... bu that's the idea right - give it everything... Geez, do you remember when I started?  I walked 80% of the 1km and it still took me just under 10 mins...  and it really wasn't that long ago, 20 weeks.  

Back then I never thought of all the amazing things I had waiting for me, to be honest I didn't think it was possible. If you guys are just starting out or having a slow start - just keep going - you will be utterly amazed at how much better your life and health will be - it just kind of sneaks up on you - ninja style, then HEE-YA you're fabulous!

To my own disbelief I am now looking at what I need to do to maintain my weight... No I haven't reached goal weight yet, but I'm not far off and I want to be prepared - I can't believe I have nearly lost 31kgs - that will be over 1/3 of my body weight gone... I am so much less, yet so much more than I was than when I was 92kgs...

My friend who is doing this program too (a mum from the school) is doing so well - Even though I have hardly any time to do any socialising at the moment I see her diligently walking the oval and she is doing it quicker than when she started, and she seems to be walking taller too - even though she is already as tall as an Amazon warrior.  She has so much amazingness in store I am nearly jealous. Nearly!

Anyway I must end here - I have 2 assignments due next week and I need to pull out my arsenal of JFDI weapons to get them done...

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for keeping your blog up through your transformation. I'm starting Round 2 in 2013 and I'm excited and nervous and reading your story has helped me see just what is possible, but also identify some of my own self-sabotaging behaviours.

    Thank you!