Thursday, 7 March 2013

7 minutes...

Ok, so I have been SWAMPED with uni work...  I am up at 6am and in bed at 11pm studying or doing family life stuff (shopping, groceries, washing etc etc...)  I feel as though I have no time left for exercise but I do!

I find myself with pockets of time here and there but I have no exercise gear... but hey if I use these little pockets to fit in some exercise it adds up over the day.  No it's not ideal but hey its better than nothing!

So what can you achieve in 7 minutes?

Lots and lots of push-ups... but if you aren't dressed for it you could try tricep dips, squat holds etc etc... HA!  Who can hold a squat for 7 minutes???


Today I held a squat for 7 minutes and I pulsed the last minute!!!  Here is a pic of me holding the squat!  Addmittedly it is a PB for me and it was during a bootcamp session I managed to fit in this morning...

But at least I have found a way to exercise... I will try and get my study friends to get pics of me doing sneaky exercise to post for you all to see how nuts I am!

An as a note to end on I wanted to let you all know that we finally got the results for my oldest sons treatment... and we got a tentative ALL CLEAR!!  We will know for certain in 4 months time but the specialist said, 'We couldn't want for better results at this stage.' 


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