Monday, 4 March 2013

My letter to Michelle Bridges and her team

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share with you all the letter I sent to Michelle and her team... 


Hi Michelle and Team,

I wanted to write a letter to let you know about something major that has occurred in my life since starting the 12WBT.

First, however, I need to provide you with a little bit of background information so you can truly appreciate how marvellous and miraculous your program has been for me.

About 10 years ago my husband and I started 'trying to conceive'. All our friends fell pregnant quickly and we smiled for them but felt terrible that it wasn't happening for us. I gained weight.

I have had an irregular cycle most of my life making it hard to time the right time to try... Eventually I fell pregnant (about 3 years later) only to lose the baby at 12 weeks. My irregular cycle turned into no cycle at all and the only way we could conceive again would be to try IVF. I gained more weight.

We did 5 rounds of IVF, saw several specialist and spent over $20,000 only to fall pregnant once and then lose the child at 12 weeks again. I gained more weight.

I was emotionally, physically, and mentally drained and we decided that we would not try again but instead spend the IVF money on children that needed it - we fostered 2 wonderful children (that are still living with us now) and have fostered 11 other children over the years.

Last year we decided to give the IVF one more chance. And it worked first time, every time - all three times except that I lost the baby all three times at the 12 week mark. I had nothing left to give, we both made the incredibly painful decision to stop trying IVF. I went into a kind of mourning period, eating and depression set in and I gained even more weight. I maxed out at about 92kgs.

When I signed up for this program, if I want to be honest, I had no intention of following through with it. I just knew something had to change or my health issues were going to kill me. I was in bed every second day with debilitating migraines and I looked ill all the time.

I took the program one day at a time and one and a third rounds later I am 23kgs down and haven't had a migraine for that entire time. My mental health as well as my physical health astounds me, I get comments every day on how well I look and how healthy I am. Plus the most amazing thing has happened - for two months in a row I have got a period. Ten years, untold thousands of dollars and at least 10 doctors couldn't do for me what Michelle and her team have done for me in 16 weeks.

Who knows maybe a naturally conceived child is in my future, maybe not - either way I am happy, healthy, and fit, and there isn't enough money in the world to replace that!

So with my sincerest and most heart felt appreciate I want to thank you all for changing my life in more ways than you can ever know.


  1. What an amazing letter Haze. So honest and from the heart. The 12WBT has really made you shine! You have lots of supporters out there and you have supported and inspired countless others too.
    I hope that Michelle and her team respond to your letter as it deserves to be recognized.
    Every month I complain about getting my period and the sore boobs, mood swings, bloating etc that comes with it. After reading about your struggles I will embrace my time of the month and think myself lucky that I have have two gorgeous girls and my body is a remarkable machine.
    Love your blog!!!!

  2. Hi Haze, I haven't read your blog for a while, not doing this round so unless I see you post in round 4 or on the main site I don't see it. This is a remarkable story, and one which I am glad you are happy to share.