Thursday, 14 March 2013

So close to my goals..

This week was HUGE - Not only have I been so flat out I feel like I am barely treading water but I have been kicking some serious arse too!!

I lost 2.1kgs this week!!! OMG RIGHT?  So what's differen?? I increased my calorie in take from 1200 to 1300 and due to being incredibly flat out at uni I have managed to miss a few training days too... So less exercise and more food = more weight loss (So weird)  I am now 66.0kgs!!  1 kg to being in a healthy weight range for my height and only 0.1 away from having a healthy BMI!!

Who would have ever thought that I could do it - honestly, not me!  But here I am doing it... I really am, I really can! 


On Public holiday Monday I got my butt out of bed at 6am and ran (without stopping) 9.15kms!  AND I did it at a 7:45min km pace! Admittedly, I was shaky legged and a wee bit light headed when I stopped moving but wow did I feel good to get that done on a 40 degree day! (that's why I was up so early) I only had to jump over 1 brown snake - thankfully it was dead... but even still spooked the begeezers out of me!

I really want to try for 10kms on Sunday - the weather will be cooler so hopefully the run will be easier too - but I just need to see how much sleep I get between now and then (only been getting 5-6 hrs a night with all the study) And truthfully I am completely knackered!

Now, I need to fill you in on a bit of a secret... I got hit on by a much younger guy!  STOP LAUGHING!! I really did!!

When I told him I was old enough to be his mother, he replied, 'No Mum I know has a body like that.' (I am totally blushing as I write this too)  Ok, so I was very flattered, more than a little flustered - it's been so long since a guy has been so openly checking me out I wasn't sure how to react... 

I lamely said, 'Sorry, but I am married' and pointed to my wedding rings OMG! - I totally forgot that I have had to move them on to my pointer finger because they no longer fit - and he said he didn't believe me!! Sooo terribly lame of me!!!  Anyway - Needless to say I was HUGELY embarrassed and left beet red!!

Well I must be off... I think I have about 400pages of academic text to read... I'm suddenly feeling very tired... again...

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  1. WOHOO Go you thats awesome babe! Way to go with the hottie to! But he has good taste so cant blame him ;)