Saturday, 9 March 2013

Getting Tarted Up - I Feel Like a Princess!

So, here I am all tarted up and ready for a softball presentation night...  Ok it's not a great picture but I am in a dress!  And other than that one time I got married...  This is the first time I have worn a dress in years... Ok I LOVE IT!!  I love the dress but I love the way I feel whilst wearing the dress, all girly and pretty...  and slim!!  I felt slim last night...  I cant remember ever having that feeling before...  I guess whan I was slim I didn't know any different but now I do, it feels amazing.  I felt like Cinderella must have done after years of wearing rags, (complete with the sore toes from walking in heels and everything.)

We had our big softball final yesterday, and we got thumped!  But at least the high point was the only time I got to bat I made it home ( I think I was the only one on the team to get home...) But although I was disappointed I think I was a little bit relieved as I have so much homework piling up its crazy...

Anyway here is our team photo from yesterday, I am at the back with the white cap on - excuse the sweat but this was taken after a 2 hour game in very humid 33 degree weather and 1009 calories burnt later...

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