Monday, 25 February 2013

Conquering a mountain!

Well this morning Carolyn (who is looking awesome!) and I climbed Mt Lofty...  Wow it was hard!  I didn't realise how unfit I was... and to think before lofty I thought I was really fit)...

I huffed and puffed all the way, but still managed to keep up a lovely conversation with Carolyn who encouraged me to get all the way to the top!  YAY!! Boy is it steep!

Although I burnt 300 more calories than Carolyn during the trip (proving my unfitness yet again) I still burnt 971 Calories and according to my Fitbit I climbed 163 stairs... although I am sure that the 4km vertically upright walk was more than that...

I guess the Adelaide Plains aren't renowned for their hills... So I haven't got many training facilities in my immediate vicinity... but I will have to find something to train on...

I think we reached the top in about 58mins - stopped for a photo session, helping 2 other girls take their conquering pictures too then headed down... then helped a lady at the bottom who had cut her knee, and by helped I mean I jogged to my car and got the first aid kit then a big stretch...  All up from car door to car door we took about 2 hours...  I know we could have jogged the way down but Carolyn has a sore knee and I had new shoes that hurt like buggery (but aren't they pretty...)  

So here is our picture from Mt Lofty Summit...  I hope Matt doesn't see it - I pinched his drink belt!!

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