Thursday, 7 February 2013

Goodness Gracious Me!!!

WOW, well the end of the round has been and gone and I slayed it like Buffy!  For the round I lost 11.7kgs (14.3%) and 78cms!! But in total (including pre-season) I have lost 20.9kgs... That's a lot of bags of potatoes!

I am super proud of my efforts, and of course true to form the day AFTER weigh in day I dropped below 70kgs... So I am taking it as outside goal achieved...

On to more exciting news...  what could be more exciting than that??  Well, I will tell you!!

I just got an email congratulating me on making it to the TOP 20!! WOW WOW WUBZY!! 

Unfortunately I can't go to the finale, as the Friday before hand is when we get the results of the chemo back so I need to be here to celebrate with my son! (fingers crossed)

However I feel the burning need to mention something that happened to me today, something that has renewed my faith in the human race - I mentioned on the SA Face book page that money was a bit too tight to stretch to a trip to Brisbane, not wanting to mention my sons appt., and before I knew what was happening the amazing SA Crew 12wbt'ers had raised a couple of hundred dollars to send me to Brisabane! - I mean who does that?!

If you ladies read my blog please know that you have touched my heart more than I have the words to express - you are all champions to me and our finale picnic and workout at the Botanic Gardens is totally where I want to be - with the people that have supported me to get this far!  You ladies are above amazing! Sarah Gorman and Ra Gee you have the hearts of lions! Lizzi, Carolyn, Kirsty and  Wiley Kylie - Thank you for everything!

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