Monday, 25 February 2013

Rocking the skinny jeans!

Shopping is addictive... well it is when you haven't bought yourself any clothes other than track pants and over sized sweaters for so long you can't remember how to walk in heels!

For the past few days I have shopped up a storm... the credit card is on melt down!   Today I bought my first ever pair of skinny jeans!! And they are size 10's!!!  I can't wait till it is actually cold enough to wear them!  Plus I am totally going to be buying boots this year - ones that zip up at the sides... I have never been able to get boots that fit!

Also I bought a dress that is possibly my finale dress...  It was from Cue so it isn't cheap but it's sooo cute - it's sort of like a 1950's style pin up girl dress... so I am going with that...  I am trying to find killer red heels to go with it - and I want to get my hair done in 50's glam style...  but I'll just have to do a bit more research...

Here are a couple of change room pics I took of the dress, it is navy with black patterns through it,  you'll have to imagine the red shoes and the hair do...  Also it isn't zipped up at the back all the way - but you'll get the idea...  Plus the pleats at the front need ironing...  It is a size 12 because My boobs wouldn't get into a 10 but my waist would... not the worst problem to have...

So, I also bought a new pair of runners - I got professionally fitted and spent a butt load and I will upload pics of them with all my new exercise gear next post... I will hopefully have conquered the Mt Lofty summit climb tomorrow with my bestest frenemy Carolyn!!  It's going to be pretty hot (33) but I know I can do it... Carolyn has busted her knee so is only going to go as far as she can... I hope there is someone else at the top that can take my picture!!

I have been really struggling with my weight loss the past few weeks... the weight isn't coming off as quickly as it has in the past and it wasn't until today that it actually dropped below last Wednesdays weigh in...  But I will not let it beat me - I am sticking to my 1200 even yesterday when I was out at breakfast and lunch time and we went out for tea, I must say I was very proud of that effort... But I know my shape is changing again...

But a few weeks ago when I bought size 12 shorts (that are now too big) I also bought a few size 14 tops... Still dont want to wear anything too tight around the middle plus the girls are completely gone...  I dug one out to wear yestrerday thinking that i would have to do a lot of gut sucking in as it was a bit... firm... around the middle, only to find that it was actually loose around the middle now... and that was only 3 or 4 weeks ago... so although the numbers aren't dropping I am sure the cms are... either way I guess I will find out week 4...

I am actually a bit nervous about next week... I start back at uni this Friday and it was my habit to eat and study, and I haven't really done much studying on the 12 week program so I am hoping that it wont be an issue... my main issue is going to be finding time to exercise, study full time, look after the kids, and the farm...  I guess I will be fighting Matt in the morning for treadmill time...

On a completely different subject Rowanne suggested (thanks so much for the advice) that my stubborn mid section weight issue might be due to my PCOS... and that perhaps a naturopath  might help...  I have no experience with naturopaths and know very little about what it is that they do... can anyone help out with info as I am keen to try anything that isn't surgery... But like I was explaining to a friend today, it's not like I've been losing weight for years and its just stuck there, it's only been 4 months and I am not even in my healthy weight range yet!

BUT my Wii Mii isn't quite as fat any more.  I hadn't been on the Wii for a long time and when I jumped on it last week it shrunk... It was pretty funny... It did however tell me I had lost a lot of weight quickly and perhaps I should slow down a bit or be at risk of being unhealthy... Ummmm isn't being fat unhealthy?!?!

Oh and a few amusing things have happened lately...  I will tell them chronologically as it is easier that way...

Last week I went into the office at school as I had received a call telling me to go in and pick up some stuff for the P&F.  So I went in after a sweaty workout and initially Sarah, the lady who called me, didn't recognise me... I just thought she was busy and couldn't talk, I often pop it to talk to the ladies in the front office...

Then when she did she was in complete shock... then the other ladies in the office came to look at me... it was hugely embarrassing in a very cool kind of way...  Especially when one of them bowled me over with an over-enthusiastic hug.  Meantime Leanne, (who is currently on her first round of 12wbt), now works in the office and was smiling, I just knew she was happy for me, but at the same time picturing it being her getting checked out too!  (You will Leanne, you are killing it!)

On Saturday we WON our softball game, and making it into the finals too (my first ever win) The umpire and I got talking about the 12WBT program and she asked me all about it so I had to write it all down for her... She said she was going to look in to joining up for the next round!

Yesterday, whilst trying on myriad of dresses, a beautiful Asian gentleman was helping me and looked me over and said, 'You be a size 10, I know, I been doing this a long time.'  Even though I told him my bust was too large he grabbed size 10's for me to try on... only to end up having to get me 14's that didn't fit my waist... in frustration he sighed, 'You Aussie girl have too big bust for my Asian dress, you better find Aussie designer to fit up top.'

Then, today when I was explaining to a shop assistant, (who was amused when I said I didn't know what size I was) that I had lost a lot of weight, I ended up showing her the 12wbt online page, my before and after pics, how to use myfitnesspal app and explaining all about it... She said she was going to sign up to the 12WBT program as soon as she got home!

So all up it has been a very busy week and so gratifying too - but when everyone asks me what my secret is... I tell them the 12wbt, the facebook support page and a whole lot of hard work and effort.  The only miracle cure for being fat is to start doing it now!

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  1. Fantastic Haze, what a great week you've had for the recognition of your hard bloody work. And some weeks that's just what it is isn't it, hard work. I've really pushed mysel this week to try and get out of the 77's, I feel like I'm glued there! But you JFDI, lol.
    I love your dress and with the do and the hottie heels you will look gorgeous glam.
    When I went to Bali and was shopping for shoes the shop assistants just shook their heads and laughed at my size 81/2 feet.
    Have a great week x