Friday, 25 January 2013

A week of highs, lows and everything in between

I'm not sure where to begin...I have had a week of high highs, and low lows, and one silly incident that could only happen to me...  I guess I will start with the bad first...

I was made to feel bad by some people I considered friends, without going into details let's just say I was down for a few days before I decided to 'Take back the power' (well that's what Dr Phil would say)  I was giving in to other peoples perceptions and starting to believe them - well, that had to stop!  I felt a downward spiral approaching, you know the one, the self loathing that's followed by bad eating and pity parties in front of the TV?!?!

So I sucked it up, got back on top of things and kept to my diet and exercise routine and things started to come good...until my husband and I made the decision that  has been coming for a while... we will have to sell our farm :(

It's only a relatively small hobby farm (14 acres) but we've been here for 8 years and in that time we have planted a full orchard, and just put in our own olive trees to make our own olive oil.  So by the time everything comes good we will no longer be here...  But it's the little things that have me down again, like the boys height marks on the wall that we have made every month.  It's the kids hand prints in the concrete slab of the shed, the 2 oak trees growing in the front garden that I gave Matt for our wedding present, and (here's the killer) the Mulberry tree my Mum bought me to plant in our chook pen just before she died... (blerk I still dont want to think about it)

But the work has become too much for Matt, as he already works a lot (and is away for work a lot) and when he has a weekend or holidays he is stuck with all the handy man jobs that I can't do... plus with me going back to full time Uni soon and then working, all the stuff I currently do wont get done either...  We have been left with no time for ourselves or each other so we made the hard decision to sell...

I dread the thought of moving back into suburbia... our current house is 7 bedrooms so there is the down sizing thing too... Plus we still have all the work we to do to get the house to a salable condition, which is going to take 6 months to complete, so we cant just up and move and get it over with...  <insert big sigh here>

So there's my lows... Now for my highs...

I finally did a Zombie run on the road, so I was able to track exactly how far I can go now - 8.7kms!!

Ok, so that's a jog/walk combo and it takes me 1:20hrs but still it's a far cry from the girl who had to hold her boobs in place to get 50 meters and then have a head ache for the next 2 days! 

I have done 2 zombie runs this week plus 2 PT sessions, softball training was cancelled and we have a bye this week.... so I haven't done much else, because (here comes the silly Hazism) I dislocated my shoulder doing star-jumps!!!

I know, I know, it could only happen to me right!?  But it's not as bad as it sounds... I was doing a round of 50 (x3) star jumps at bootcamp, when as I was raising my arms I heard it pop, but I was in the swing of things and when I bought my arm back down it popped again... I crunched and ached through the rest of the session but I just assumed I had wrenched it some how...  It wasn't until it became increasingly painful and I lost full motion of it that I realised when I had done...  so after a terrible sleepless night it is still aching but I have nearly the full range of movement back but now its just really, really sore!!

But hey, that's the bad and the ugly, now for the good news...

I got an email from MB saying that I was in the top 15% of Round 4'ers  with an 11.95% loss  - That's pretty cool hey!?  Although if we count warm-up and pre-season it's about a 20% loss which is way cooler!

Another bit of good news is that I am only about 1kg away from  my initial round 4 goal of losing 20kgs before the next round begins, admittedly I secretly wanted to get to 70kgs but 71.2 was my initial goal and I am so close - if I can get to 71.2 or below I will be very proud of myself - haters be damned!!! 

Which means as of last Wednesdays weigh in I have only got 7kgs to lose to get to my healthy weight range... I know it will take me a month or two to get there but I was really happy when I realised I was closer to being in the healthy weight range than I am to being in the obese category (which is where I was when I started)

So here's to us getting to our goals!

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