Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 40 - Dec 2012

***Sometimes life just gets in the way***

You know those days when you have grand plans to get out and do something or got to the movies or something then just as you're getting ready life body slams you to the mat for the three count?? Yeah, yesterday was one of those days for me...

I was going to have a lovely morning shopping and a pedicure, then Mel and I had organised to train in the afternoon. We were going to pick up the kids from school and meet at the park, no problems there... then the body slamming started.

While I was ironing the kids clothes my oldest wondered in and I noticed a big spot on his leg... it was a mozzie bite that he scratched the top off of... then I noticed a cut on his are that was all infected, as to with a pimple under his nose (the chemo gives him pimples too)...

Oh great, I think he has school sores... then he chucked a fit because I told him he couldn't go to school (what 10 year old does that?) So I get my youngest off to school with all plans of Christmas shopping and pedicures thrown out the window...

Lunchtime - Dr's appt - yep it's school sores...ewwwwww

Get home and get a call from a friend who needs to talk as her 17 year old daughter has just left home (after a big fight) and my friend is really upset... 'Of course you can come around.'

2:30pm text message comes in (friend is still at my house) Mel is still stuck in the hospital from a 9am appt as she is being sent off for tests etc with suspected endometriosis - can't come to training this afternoon - hmpfff guess I'm going alone!

2:50pm just about to leave to get the youngest from school and then go straight to training.. My dad calls... 'Feeling nauseous, sweaty and having heart palpitations'. Call an ambulance?? No no I just need to sleep...

3:00pm flying to school on my way to pick up youngest then head off to my Dads...

3:20pm arrive at my Dads, who is feeling fine now... (my Dad suffers from depression so these cries for attention happen a lot, but he also has has several heart attacks, triple bi-pass surgery and I never want him to feel that he can't rely on me...)

4:30pm get home - start dinner - completely emotionally drained... I blow off training... and I feel soooo guilty about it... Grrrr


Today is a new day! That's it! All training from now on happens in the morning - before life has a chance to wake up and start relying on me to take care of things....

Drop youngest off to school - oldest has books and things to do in the car (plus the puppy is joining us today) Off I go to training!!

45min jog and I made it 1 1/4 times around the oval before stopping!! I really want to get a good time next week when we re-do our time trials.... And I find running on the road easier so I hope I will be better... Going to try to get to 1 1/2 before next Wednesday! Hey why not!!

Just finish my run when Mel and the PT turn up. Time for some pain!!

OMG this session hurt... a lot... my core is getting better I held a plank from toes for 30 secs (twice) and I did 50 crunches with NO PAIN! Smashed out 45 slow push ups (from knees) slow ones hurt more! Did about 100 squats... plus a million other painful things and I LOVED IT!

I figured out there are several different types of people who train... you can be more than one but predominately you are in one group...

1. The Screamer - they yell at themselves, grunt and scream 'Come on', 'Arrrrggghhh' ( I fall into this category)

2. The Quiet Achiever - holds in all the yelling and screaming using it to push through (Mel falls into this category)

3. The Over Enthused Cheerleader - 'Yeah, c'mon, this is great! Woo hoo, yeah' (met a few of these while I was going to the gym a while back)

4. The Attention Seeker a.k.a. The Whiner a.k.a. The Questioner - 'Do you think I can?, Am I doing this right?, Can't we do something else?, Oh, can we not do burpees?' (My youngest son is definitely in this category)

I am sure there are a few more sub categories - please feel free to add to this list!

So anyway, I finished my 2nd STS yay me and came home, ate breakfast then sat on the bottom of the shower for a very long time! (photo attached - not of me in the shower - you perves!!)


A few little things I have noticed that I need to update you on...

My tight jeans, and pretty much all my pants, now come off without undoing the buttons or zips... although I still stand a particular way and suck my gut in to do them up (a weird habit I never realised I had)...

My tight t-shirts are now normal t-shirts... (with stretched bits where my boobs used to live)

I honestly don't care what the scales say any more! I know I am losing cms if not weight, and I am convinced I am putting on muscle... so I might not be losing weight but I AM losing fat.

I love all the curry recipes on this site! Not so much the after effects, but that's because I add chickpeas and beans... Plus it's funny (yes, I have the mind of an 8 year old boy)

I am not constipated, I am just eating less, and they say input = output.... (I was worried for a while)

I like running (madness I know)

My Nikes have left Mississippi are currently in Miami, and should be here by the end of the week or early next week! - And I am ordering purple ones next!

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