Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 52 - Dec 2012

Christmas day for me was scary... It was so strange. Christmas is my favourite day of the year, I get to show off my cooking, give presents to people and eat what ever I damn well want without judgement... This Christmas was different.

Our family tradition has always been crack open the ham and carve it for fried ham and eggs on toast for breakfast. It's been this way since I was a kid. But I was nervous. I didn't want to go over my 1200 even though I gave myself permission, after all it is just one day.

But in my mind I knew that if I went over on 'just this one day,' and still lost weight come weigh-in day, that I would find more 'just this one days.'

So for breakfast I ate 100gms of ham cooked in a non stick fry pan with no oil... It wasn't a lot but I was saving my extra cals till lunch - Lunch I ate turkey (breast only) 1 sweet potato, 1 normal potato, beans and peas, plus 4 of the little tomatoes (recipe above). Dessert was always going to be my problem - I make a killer Christmas pudding that hangs for 3-4 months and I soak the fruit in brandy for 1-2 years... And yes it is totally worth all the effort...

But it is VERY VERY calorific... a 100gm slice is about 450 calories... But I wanted some... so instead of completely abstaining I flexed my will power muscle in a different way. I cut off a 30gm piece and had it with low fat ice-cream. It was enough to satisfy me (as I was totally full from lunch) but I knew that last year I would have eaten about a 250gm slice (and had more later) YIKES

I had been on my feet since 6am cooking and cleaning and by 3pm I was knackered, but I grabbed my youngest and the puppy and we went for a 3km walk. Plus everyone wanted to see the bee hives so while they all got in the car and drove down the back paddocks I walked, and seeing as I am the apiarist (bee-keeper) I was the one who had too crack all the hives (lots of lifting) Which given my work out the day before was very difficult. Every part of my stomach and arms ached. So, I got some cals burnt too.

I wasn't hungry at dinner but I still had cals to eat so I had a few naughty treats - caramelised popcorn with cashews and cranberries and a skinny cow ice-cream sandwich. and I was done - all up for the day I was still under 1200 and had not had to miss out on much.

Plus I made HUGE doggy bags for everyone - leaving us with only 2 half hams (we had 2 full hams) left over turkey breast and a little bit of trifle and pudding (which the hubby and kids ate the next day) I was very happy with how I managed the day and know that the next time something like this happens I don't have to approach it with fear.

Anyway boxing day we headed into the city for the sales - OMG never again... It was shoulder to shoulder packed. but I did get myself a new iPad with my Xmas and birthday money/vouchers so I was happy... can you believe the first app I put on it was My Fitness Pal!!
But the only exercise I did was walking from shop to shop to shop to shop... There were a lot of shops visited...

The next day we went shopping again - this time we were searching for stuff for the kids - we got to the centre early and it was really quiet - but by the time we left it was chaotic! Only exercise I did was shooting hoops with the kids (new basketball ring)

Yesterday, I had a PT session and did a Zombie run before hand (1077 cals burnt) I was pretty spent after that and it was only 10am! But I counted that as my SSS and today is my day off (YAY) Which is lucky as I have had curry for 2 days in a row now... Wow, all those chick peas, beans and lentils... (I won't explain)

Let me know how you all are doing over the Xmas to New Year period - I would love to hear from you all! Take care and please be safe if you are driving!!

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