Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 27 - Nov 2012

I have just printed out all the recipes and I have an A4 ring binder for my menu and another for my exercises - trying to stay organised!!

I finally finished editing the shopping list to double or half of everything I need - I really wish this was computerised - it would have saved me an hour!!! A little drop down menu of how many serves you need on each recipe would be brilliant!! So far this little hassle has been my only issue with the program - and I am sure that it will be computerised sooner or later!

Tomorrow afternoon I am doing a cupcake decorating class!!! We get to keep all the cakes we make (ARGH) Luckily my kids and my hubby have a sweeter tooth than me so I am sure they will knock them off before I even think about it!

But I guess if I save all my snacks I might be able to have one... I will let you know how I hold up under the pressure!

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