Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 14 - Nov 2012

Yawn** Woke up at 6:40am today, Wanted to go back to sleep until i realised (probably too excitedly) that today is weigh in day!!!

Drum Roll Please


Yeahh Baby! Totally stoked. I lost 1.5kgs last week... how?? Working as hard as I could with exercise and not going over my 1200 calories! Who knew it was this easy??

I truly think the Zombies app is helping push me to run, I can wait to find out what the next mission installment is!

OK so enough off me being a braggart!! I really do need to catch you all up with a few things that are happening in my life at the moment.

My son is nearing the end of his chemo and his levels are nearly back to normal, which the Doctor says after this last round he should be free and clear!!

I have 2 assignments left until I graduate uni!! I never thought I would get there either - 5 years of part-time and full time study has been hard, but totally worth it... I have been asked to do honors but instead have signed up to do a Masters of Teaching - Yikes!! (4 more part time years)

So I just need to put my head down and work work work for the next 2 weeks and Voila... I will have my first break in 5 years (I took on courses during the uni holidays to speed up my degree) - I am looking forward to it so much that I am struggling to get through these final 2 assignments, and I am using exercise as my procrastination... it used to be cleaning the house (which is totally derelict at the moment)

Anyway, yesterday I was at the butchers buying a trimmed pork fillet (tenderloin) when I noticed a sign in the window... Wanted players for a local softball team...

Lets face the 12wbt is practically a team sport, so I figure if I feel obligated to not let you ladies down then I wont let these ladies down either!

So I called and I joined... I haven't played team sport for about 20 years, and I haven't played softball for even longer... But I explained all this and was told that it will be fine, I offered to just train with them and be the water boy if they like, I just wanted an excuse to do exercise smile

First training session is tonight so I will let you know how I go tomorrow!

Until then... Do as Dory says, 'Just keep swimming!'

....Oh, knee is still sore so I have strapped it for the day hoping that will help.

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