Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 17 - Nov 2012

Wow, Lots of things to catch you all up on.

I'll start first with the knee thing... it's osteoarthritis - I have arthritis (gout) in my toes and have had since a red back spider bite about 10 years ago... I should have recognized the pain but as I had been exercising a lot more than usual I assumed it was a sprain (you know what they say about assuming!!)

Anyway I have been using an Ibuprofen gel and that's been helping, plus I have kept off it as much as I can, which is also helping. It's nearly right now but I think I will just need to push through and keep going (with the aid of ibuprofen) or the Dr says I can get an injection into my knee (argh!!)

Anyway tomorrow I am back to being chased by zombies - I think I will just be a bit slower till I figure out how to manage the pain the best.

But I haven't been slacking it - I have been swimming and water jogging (hopping) and this has help get the cardio points...

Today was a big challenge for me. My wonderful hubby took the day off work and as a surprise he took me to Harndorf to Udder Delights Cheese shop... OMG!!!
This shop is AMAZING, filled with all my favourite things, and free tastings to them all...

I had.... a small skinny chai latte, 1/2 pc banana bread (no butter or nuts) and a tiny taste of the low fat goats cheese (just to see if I wanted some for salads) and that's it!! That was 292 cals and as I had it for breakfast I was under my 300 for the meal!

I was so proud of myself! Matt was more than happy to help himself to my extra banana bread on top of the most delish looking sticky date muffin I have ever seen (they heated it up and the icing melted into the sticky sauce). The serving lady was a failed 12wbt member - who admitted she didn't do any of the pre-season stuff and she was really pushing me to eat/try/enjoy all the beautiful cheeses but I held fast!

Take that serving wench!

She seemed happier when Matt spent $70 on cheese and cheese making things, (he is going to make me low fat feta).

So my weight loss journey so far hasn't been too bad. I am getting comfortable with saying no and happy with the little things I am noticing, like my pants fitting better or being loose, the extra energy and the way I feel about myself. Another thing I have noticed is that my boobs are shrinking!!

This morning I put on one of my fancy bras (its black and white and lacy... so pretty) anyway, I usually need to shake the girls into my bras, you know, do the booby shake dance to make sure they're in properly. I generally have to tuck in my boobs, wiggle the bra a little to get them right, maybe a bit of a tuck here and there to make sure the nipples are stowed correctly in the over head compartment... but this morning I looked down to find them safely tucked away, with heaps of room left over...

I showed Matt who, when he finished crying over his loss, congratulated me on mine. This is the first really noticeable sign I have seen on my own body... it's a bit exciting!

So this Wednesday (weigh in day) I am going to weigh myself and do my measurements again too... just to check whats happening.

Now I'm off to clean out my fridge!!

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