Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 20 - Nov 2012

I found myself in Rebel Sports today (they have a 2 pack of Michelle Bridges Triaction bras for $44.95 - unfortunately my Rebel store stopped at 14C so I had no hope) but I wanted to buy all these awesome clothes and usually I would have, (I'm a sucker for a sale) but I kept asking myself, 'Why? They aren't going to fit you in a month, seems like a waste of money.'

So I saved my money and I have just ordered myself a softball glove online from the USA!

Also I forgot to mention earlier, that yesterday was my first run on the sore knee and OMG did it hurt. I wanted to stop several times but knew that if I did I would be setting a precedent. I pushed through and thankfully I only had a slow Zombie chasing me so I didn't get eaten!

I am going again today armed with Panadol Osteo (slow release panadol) an arthritis relief spray, plus I have taken a 1000mg Krill oil tab (10 cals!!) which according to my pharmacist will help if I take them daily.

Anyway, I will do another slow jog today then head off to softball practice, hopefully we wont be doing ground work!

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