Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 29 - Dec 2012

**** Don't Make Me!!! ****

6:30am (alarm sounds)

A sleepy realisation hits me... Weigh in day... and I'm busting for the toilet!!

I roll over to get out of bed...

Holy mother of GOD!! What the hell happened!!??

My arms and chest ache with every movement. I can't push myself up to get out of bed so I sort of roll fall out..

OH for the love of all things holy!!!

My thighs are burning I push my legs straight and get to the bathroom... now I am face with a dilemma... I really need to pee but I have to sit, this involves muscles that right now are trying to tell me that surely I can hold it for at least an hour....

Eventually the need to pee out weighs the need to avoid pain... so I sit...

While I am sitting, I contemplate standing... another not so fun idea... I might be here for awhile..

Then I have a brilliant idea - while I am sitting I will remove all my clothes so I can do the weigh-in... I kick off my pants, no problem there, so I very cautiously and timidly remove my t-shirt... everything is going fine... until I realise I can not lift my arms high enough to get the top off of my head...

I call call out for help but seriously Matt really doesn't need to be woken to naked fat lady on the toilet... With one last tug I remove the t-shirt, only to slip into the toilet!!!

My entire bum in in the toilet seat!! Ok this should be an embarrassing thing to share - but I was stoked - It's been years since my bum has been able to do that!!

Weigh-in .7kg loss - 100gms away from losing 10kgs... but I am stoked with that as I was a bit slack with training last week as I had to study, plus on the weekend I am pretty sure I went over the 1200 each day - but I wasn't counting... Plus next week I know I will reach my first mini target of losing 10kgs (this was initially what I wanted to lose for the entire round)

Talk about avoidance behavior... I just didn't want to train this morning - I whine and moaned (to myself) and eventually at about 10:30am i just started going through the motions of getting ready to train. Before I realised I was jogging around Two Wells oval - this time the only obstacles were the workmen fixing the sprinklers and the prisoner release program men clearing out the scrub at the back of the oval...

I did about an hour of jogging - I was Zombie training but I am now using the full app - it's self guided so not as pushy (or motivating) as the 5k training but I wanted to give it a go as I can now do 5kms in a walk/run without too much hassle. 587 Cals were burnt and I decided that instead of the basket ball jumps and running arms thing I would count softball training later today - I think I should end up burning about 800Cals but I will wear my HRM to check.

Matt is doing well - I am glad he is doing this with me, he has even downloaded MyFitnessPal, Main issue is that he is eating all the Chobani! But I can't really complainhe is even making dinner tonight!

So, here are some things that I have learned:

JFDI works, one foot in front of the other till you are out the door

My butt fits in a toilet seat

There are 12 Cals in a fly

Prisoner work release programs are very motivating (I ran really fast past this section)

Toning days HURT like a Toning days HURT like a <insert something that's very painful here>

Anyway I must be off, I now have to make a mud cake, 46 cupcakes and icing... let's hope I can keep my fingers out of my mouth - OH JOY!

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