Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 42 - Dec 2012

have seen so many people saying I know I didn't train much, and I might not have eaten the right foods... then they are disappointed that they haven't lost weight... We are all going to have times that are tougher than others and if we can get through it with the right attitude AND without a gain - it has to be a win right!?

Watch Me You are a super star! You must have worked out like a woman possessed and been so good with the food! And you are lighter than before you got pregnant!! HOLY SNAPPING TURTLES BATMAN!! You must be over the moon!!

I, myself am heading into another red flag day tomorrow... I have signed up to accompany my youngest son on his school excursion and I am not sure what I am going to make for lunch... or what snacks to take... Plus we are stopping at the beach for ice-creams...

I think I should be able to flex that will power muscle... I seem to work the reverse from everyone else though... when people start saying.. oh it's just one... c'mon... you know you want one... I tend to dig my heels in more - so hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow!

Next week will be a big test too - But I will fill you in on that next week...

Killed it in Zombie Run today - 606 Cals gone!! That's about 1700 in 2 days no wonder I am hungry and tired! Had to blow off Softball training though - I had a post exercise headache and I just couldn't face it, but I am playing my first game on Saturday (just quietly crapping my dacks) Should be hilarious though - so I will be sure to let you all in on the details, no matter how embarrassing (God, I hope my pants don't fall down!)

I will let you all know how I get on at the excursion...

Oh bought an exercise bike today... Bring on the cricket season!!

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