Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 4 - 19th Oct 2012

WEEK 3 - Travel 30kms (without your car)

Ahhh what this weeks challenge going to be last week I did nothign and lost nearly a whole kilo - Michelle Bridges is a genius, this week will be easy too.

**Opens email**

Ummmm...... **blink, blink**

**Reads again**

**Forwards email to husband with the title 'OMG WTF'**

His reply 'WOW'. Matt is now super fit, he runs 30-50kms a week and likes it - madness...

If he thinks 30kms is WOW - what hope have I got?

Ok my plan, ride 10kms 3 times - how hard is it to ride 10kms anyway? YEAH RIGHT!!!

DAY 1 Can't find bike helmet (nice excuse, I'll just take the dog for a walk)

BANG 4km!!! WOO HOO I am a champion, I feel amazing, I did 4km with no problems at all!! Dog passed out next to her water bowl, next time I will take a hat and wear sunscreen.

Day 2 OK I found my helmet, I didn't really have to look too hard, it was on my handle bars...

BANG 6.5km!!! I am wasted, it was blowing a gale out there!! My legs are shaky, and I sit on the bottom of the shower for 30 minutes when I get home, but I proud because am killing it!! over my 5km per day average

DAY 3 Massive headache, stayed in bed - post exercise headaches such, did too much too soon sad Oh no I am behind schedule

DAY 4 Woo Hoo break in the rain come puppy let's go!
HUGE 5.3km Walk, Feeling awesome, just tired - dog is passed out on the kitchen floor

DAY 5 Post exercise head ache - not as bad as before but not interested in anything very much today

DAY 6 Beautiful day for a bike ride, cool temps and no wind.
15kms and I'm done!!! Oh wait... stupid app miscalculated - was only 10.5kms still need 3.7kms...

DAY 7 Complaining to the kids that I wont have time today to complete my goal. They get together and decided that instead of me looking after them, they would come with me and walk the dog so I can reach my goal. I HAVE AMAZING KIDS!!!
We walk 3.2kms - I don't have the heart to tell them I missed my goal anyway, so I get them to walk around the paddocks with me checking the bee hives - 500mts DONE!!!

I was ecstatic about reaching the goal. What I thought was insurmountable was only me putting blocks in my own way! Bring on Week 4!!!

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