Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 18 - Nov 2012

Worst healthy meal ever, a cautionary tale!!! *** GROSS OUT WARNING****

By now you probably all know that Saturday night is our family roast night. Well, last Saturday was no exception. After dinner I cut off all of the left over meat from the frame and popped it into a bowl to cool down before covering to put in the fridge...

Last night we had a delish mango chicken salad, which was perfect as it was really hot here and then the rain started making the house horrible and humid.

I was leaving my chicken till last, to eat with the best bits of the salad that always fall to the bottom (goats cheese, sundried toms, red onion etc etc) any way I thought I would have a little bit of the chicken and while I was chewing the piece I cut off I realised the piece on my plate was wriggling!!!!!!!!

There was a tiny little maggot in it!! OMG I ran to the sink and spat mine out then screamed at everyone to stop eating the chicken. Thankfully they hadn't started eating theirs yet.

Although I didn't really eat anything else after that... I made a fruit smoothie later in the night for dessert and to get my cal count up.

Lesson learned - I will now put everything straight in the fridge, or back in the oven!!!

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