Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 25 - Nov 2012

I don’t know about you but I was really nervous doing this weigh in and measure up… But like everything with this program, I just eff’ing did it, and now I am so excited to share this with you.

Pre-season measurements and losses

Bust: 112.5 cms / 6 loss

Chest: 95.5 cms/ 4.5 loss

Waist: 100cms/ 7.5 loss

Hips: 103.5 cms / 2 loss

L) 71 cms / 9 gain
R) 68 cms / 8 gain

L) 41.5 cms / 1.5 loss
R) 41.5cms/ 0 loss

Upper Arm:
L) 36cms / 1 gain
R) 36.5 cms/ 1.5 gain

L) 29cms / 1.5 gain
R) 29 cms / 1.5 gain

Neck: 37 cms/ 1 loss

Pre-season weigh in (I thought the old scales were being weird! Geez… I hope these new scales are accurate, but if not hey I’m taking the win)

82kg / 9.2kg loss (last week - I lost 3.3kgs)

So all up even with the cms gained I think mainly to crappy self-measurements, and the fact that my body is changing shape - I am so proud of myself – I cannot believe the difference 7 weeks have made, especially when 3 of them I didn’t watch my diet!!

Here is my new picture (with my nice undies) and a side view to keep me honest!

Can you believe the difference? Not only in my body, but I look happy!!! I am so inspired by the changes that I am making that I am literally crying right now. Bring on Monday and let’s get this started for real!!!

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