Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 13 - Nov 2012

I really enjoyed my Sunday day off - I didn't ruin all my hard work by just sitting on the couch eating crap. I stuck to my calorie limit and got out and about doing odd bits and pieces that needed doing, gardening, washing, cleaning out chook pens, duck ponds etc.

Plus my knee REALLY needed a break. I am not sure what happened to it but I woke up and it was... twingy.... then gradually, over the course of the day, it got hotter and puffy. So I rested, and elevated it and it seemed to be fine this morning when I got up.

However after getting chased by zombies around the oval for 40 mins this morning it was playing up again. I limped/jogged around the last lap of the oval and by the time I had done my cool down stretches I could barely straighten it and it couldn't bare much weight either...

Now I need to give thanks to Mel, my exercise partner. Mel isn't doing the 12wbt she wants to see how I go first before she signs up - but she is using My Fitness Pal and exercising with me (but she is also 10kgs lighter than me too)

She isn't as dedicated as I am (yet) but she is getting there, also without her meeting me at the park, or coming over for a swim I don't know that I would be pushing myself as hard. I would dearly love to see her lose weight, I just want to do it quicker!

Plus she had a fly go up her nose today which was totally funny - I can see why she nearly pee'd herself when it happened to me last week!

Anyway, I am going to do all my exercising over the next few days in our pool (it's going to be 31 tomorrow) plus the pool is heated and all sparkling clean!

I figure jogging in the pool will keep the weight off it, while allowing me to exercise (no excuses right?!) Plus I looked it up on MFP and I will be burning a fair few calories doing it too!

Here is a pic of me working off the weight at the park I go to nearly every day!

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