Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 28 - Dec 2012

Time to catch you all up with my journey so far...

The cupcake decorating class was AMAZING - I was strong and didn't even lick my fingers!! It helps that I don't have a sweet tooth but still it such a habit to lick your fingers if they get food on them...

Sunday I had a busy day, I took the kids to Macca for breakfast as they had both won sporting certificates for maccas and I wanted to get that out of the way before the program started.

Maccas is my Achilles Heal - I love it - all of it (except the pickles) I very much wanted a hash brown and went to order one but ended up ordering a bottle of water instead!! Another Charlie Sheen moment (WINNING)

After Maccas we did our Xmas and birthday shopping. This seems like the best time to mention my Red Flag days

From the 25th November till 19th of December all 4 members of this house have their birthdays - of the 12 extended family members I have 8 also have birthdays in December!! So if you think you have red flag days coming up - spare a thought for me, I have 15 Red Flag days from now until January!!!!

Anyway, Sunday was a great shopping day as I finally got around to buying my list - all up I spent about $210 for everything - Matt is going to follow the diet plan too - he is just adding an extra breakfast serve and a lunch serve - I am so glad he is finally being supportive. Infact the whols family is.

We sat around as a family and went over the menu and the only complaint was from me!! (I don't like egg plant)

This morning I was up and ready to go... eventually (I laid in bed contemplating a sleep in) but Matt was up early for work and clomping around so I just got up and get ready - workout gear!

The apple muesli was bland... but it was filling, so I guess that's a good thing.

Turned up at the park to start my work out with Mel but the sprinklers were on!!! The entire oval was drenched, so we drove into Two Wells (no-one ever uses that oval)

Arrived to find a dog training club had set up jumps etc on one end of the oval, that's OK, we will just cut that bit off our Zombie run... Except the other end had workmen and a truck on it fixing the automatic sprinklers!!

Put on sunscreen, hat, HRM, iPhone, sunglasses and headphones - oops nearly forgot the Aeroguard - went back and sprayed it on my face.. OUCH!!! HOLY SMOKES BATMAN, I had waxed my face in the morning and remembered all too late!! Mel completely doused herself in the stuff and laughed at me for not putting on more... she said this way I would get all the flies and that would keep her safe!

We ended up running through the dog trainers - and we set the dogs off each time (which was quite funny) and cut off the other end... Who wants workmen staring at your wobbly bits??? Annoyingly enough as we had finished our run everyone packed up!!

Mel broke my fly swallowing record today - She copped 3 flies (the last one was when we were standing at our cars chatting after our work out!!) It was very, very funny - although I don't quite understand why she wasn't laughing as much as me - perhaps it was because as she downed the last one I yelled out - HA that's 36 CALORIES RIGHT THERE!!!

Can I just say OMG double crunches and basket ball steps SUCK!!! I was totally knackered after my 45 min Zombie Run then with those on top... KILLER... I will be feeling it tomorrow I'm sure!

Came home and was surprisingly OK. Had a nice long shower and washed off all the sweat - must get a sweat band... Got out of the shower and laid back on the bed, just to stretch out (woke up 45 mins later!)

Tonight we are the Chicken Tikka - I made the marinade this morning and it smelled awesome - I will let you know how I go.

Please let me know how you are all finding things so far!

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