Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 56 - Jan 2013

Mini Milestone fitness test and measure up done!!

Man did I find some excuses not do my 1km time trial till this morning - and I still found some, but none of them were going to stop me today.

I had done everything yesterday and had some good improvements - I knew they weren't going to be as good as my first mini milestone because I think if I lost that many cms again I would be see through... but I haven't yet gone over 1200 cals and I have been getting in some good exercise, although I still haven't done any additional MB workouts... I am going to do those next round, or once I get to my goal weight.

But I am still zombie running, not for a week though as it is too hot, so I have been swimming, softballing and bootcamping... all things I have grown comfortable with, in fact, if I tell you all the truth... I started the bootcamp, I convinced the PT to run them but I organised the times, date, attendees, and I have even designed posters to put up around town and I will be handing them out as flyers at the bootcamp so that people can recruit their friends and work mates...

I am ground zero and I have the get fit bug. Sorry folks, I am afraid it's contagious and it's spreading quickly! Plus I figure the more people attending the less likely I am to pike out, so it's purely selfish motivation!

On other BIG NEWS my oldest has finished his chemo! It's such a big relief, for him and me, although probably for him more - his specialist is on holidays and we will get the results on the 7th March. However we were told all early signs are positive and once the drug have all passed through his system we will know more for sure! YAY US!

Anyway to the stuff you all really want...(yeah right) Here are my results :

Total Loss: 64cms
Total Weight Loss: 17kgs
Wall Sit: 43 second improvement
Push-ups: 4 more from toes and 10 more from knees
Sit and reach: 3cms better
Time Trial - (6:11:7) 23 seconds better than last time (1min 23seconds better over all)



There were so many times that I wanted to stop (my heart rate was 198 when I finished) but what got me through was the thought of writing this exact message. I thought of what excuses I could give other than I just couldn't do it - and even though I knew you would all understand.

I just didn't want to let you all down, plus the kids were at home waiting to see if I made it - what sort of an example would I be to them and to you all if I just quit? I wanted to show them and you that if you really try hard you can and will achieve your goals!

How did everyone else go? Does anyone want to share their before and 'after/progress' pictures?

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