Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 10 - Nov 2012

OK, so today I owned!

I stayed under my 1200 cals, (1143) and I burned 706 cals in exercise!! YAY ME

First thing this morning I did a 38 min Yoga DVD (that says an hour on the description!!) Wow were my arms shaking after that!! But I really enjoyed it and will do it again Saturday or Sunday, I'll just wait to see how I pull up tomorrow.

Then in the afternoon I did a 2km walk/jog and a 35 min workout on the gym equipment at the park.

So all up I think that deserves a hoorrah!!!

But, before I get all full of myself I need to confess a little something... I think I may have... cheated (just a little bit) twice...

But you see, that all depends...

Depends on how many calories there are in a fly?

Yes, a fly.

Now, I don't want to seem like I am cheating, but while doing my jog (or shuffle) around a bit more than half of the oval today I swallowed one... ok two flies but the second went up my nose so I didn't eat it... but I guess it ended up in the same place... Not blowies just the little annoying ones...


My workout buddy thought it was hilarious (because she escaped flyless).

I was gagging, whilst she was nearly peeing her pants, and I would have thrown up but I didn't know how to work out the calories... So I held it (them) down. It grosses me out thinking about it, I swear I can feel them wriggling around in there...

Heebie geebies... Although, in an effort to make me feel better, my youngest son said that they will come out when I slept and I would see them flying about in my room in the morning and they wouldn't be hurt, and my oldest told me they were laying babies in me and I was going to become a zombie... ahh kids!

So, does anyone know the answer? How many calories are there in a fly?

I did find stomach bug in my fitness pal - it wasn't the bug I was looking for...

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