Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 36 - Dec 2012

Today is going to be a scorcher, 40 degrees in Adelaide, which means about an extra 5 degrees hotter out here in the Plains... YIKES!

So I wont be going for a zombie run and today my thighs are stiff and sore so I know toning is going to HURT!

I have just looked up some toning exercises I can do in the pool, so I might spend a few hours on toning in the pool today - sounds terrible doesn't it??? wink

I don't cope too well in the heat, so this is going to be a challenge until school holidays start as I can't train before dropping of the kids as Matt leaves for work early and I cant leave them at home alone... so at the moment I train at 8:30am, or if Mel is joining me we cant start until 9:15am after she drops her kids off at kindy and when summer really hits by 8:30 it is already 35, heck some nights it doesn't drop below that...

I purchased a swimming strap on eBay that you tie to a fence and swim away from and it keeps you in place so I might have to zombie swim... although I did a few laps yesterday (without the strap) and I was just doing breast stroke but I was surprised at the fact that I didn't get breathless - last year I would have stopped after 4 laps to catch my breath... This time I only stopped because the kids were trying to drown each other... again...

Hubby has a treadmill in the shed and has a pedestal fan set-up next to it but treadmills and the uncoordinated are not a good combo, so I try to stay away from anything that is likely to cause me embarrassment and/or pain. I guess I could do more inside DVD's and the Wii fit but my little Wii Mii still looks like a balloon with legs and my weigh-in still tell me I'm obese...

Soon Wii Mii... Soon... ***twiddling thumbs menacingly***

Any other ideas on how I can combat this heat??


No-one has noticed yet... I'm thinking 20kgs is when they will notice, so I'm half way there!!

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