Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 19 - Nov 2012

Another weigh-in day...

Man, I was nervous this morning... Haven't done very much exercise due to the knee, but I have stuck to the 1200 cals every day (except one when I was 47 over)...

I have had a 1.3kg loss!!

I am now 85.3kgs. Nearly 7kg loss since signing up. I am amazed, and very, very happy!

I put on a pair of shorts this morning that I haven't worn in about 4 years and they fit perfectly, if anything a little bit loose!


So here they are:

Bust: was 118.5 cms now: 114

Chest: was 100 cms now : 94.5

Waist: was 107.5cms now: 96.5

Hips: was 105.5 cms now: 104 cms (Note: I didn’t need to lift my belly out of the way)

Thighs: was L) 62 cms R) 60 cms now: L) 60 cms R) 58 cms

Calves: was L) 43 cms R) 41.5cms now: L) 42 cms R) 42cms

Upper Arm: was L) 35cms R) 35 cms now: L) 33.5cms R) 34 cms

Forearm: was L) 27.5cms R) 27.5 cms now: L) 28 cms R) 28 cms

Neck: was 38 cms now: 37.5

So in most cases I had a loss in cms too, don't know whats going on with my arms and calves - but I chalk that up to bad measuring 1st time around.

My hips only show a 1.5cm loss but I was pleased that I no longer needed to lift my belly out of the way to measure them - I think my body is just changing shape - morphing into a figure rather than a blobby shape!

But did you see I have lost nearly 11cms from my waist - that's my belly!! No wonder my pants are fitting better!!

I can notice the loss in my face - the part I cant measure. It's not just that my face is getting thinner, but I am regaining that sparkle in my eye.

That sparkle you get when you hold your head up to the light. It was lost for years because I walked around with my head down - ensuring I couldn't see the disapproving stares of the non-fat population. It's back now and I am more determined than ever to keep it there!

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