Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 23 - Nov 2012

***OOPSY, I broke my promise!!!***

Ok, so you remember a few posts ago when I promised not to eat anymore flies.... Well I kind swallowed another one!! But it wasn't my fault it was a kamikaze fly and flew straight into the back of my throat, while I was being chased by zombies too!!

Thankfully Mel wasn't there to see it - that would be all I need!


I think perhaps I kinda, mighta, sorta, mentioned that hubby told me not to get a HRM as it is my bday soon, well I kind, sorta, mighta bought the sponsored offer FT40 today... Double oppsy!!

Oh, and after I spent the $130 (I got the swimming sensor too) our scales broke!! Must have died of shock! So tomorrow I am off to buy a new set of scales, and a softball glove (apparently the company I ordered from don't ship to Australia)

And while I am on the subject of shopping I bought my SA Crew T-shirt today size 14 (one size smaller than me now - hows that for positive thinking!!)

Also I thought I should report that I have officially changed to the intermediate program!!! YAY ME!

I have attached a pic my son took of me after I had finished my 4km zombie run this afternoon (sorry about the sweaty pits) But I gave it everything today!

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