Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 21 - Nov 2012

I went to softball last night (after being chased around by Zombies) and I only made it for an hour before my knee got too painful to continue. I was proud of myself for going but disappointed that I didn't stick it out for another 30 mins. But if truth be told, the girls were just sitting around gossiping about people I didn't know, so it wasn't very much training time.

But on the plus side they convinced me to play next weekend in a real game... (scary thought) and I convinced my training partner to come and join me for training. So I wont be the only non-smoker on the team!!

This afternoon Joey (my oldest) has a big appointment with his Dr so we are getting his result. I am sure that everything will be fine and I am hoping he doesn't have to do much more treatment.. fingers crossed! I usually eat when I am nervous but I am doing so well I don't want to stuff up now.

Tomorrow we are going to a friends holiday house in Moonta. This will be my first real test. Matt has already suggested stopping at Maccas on the way - which after I lectured him about for an hour or so we have decided to take sandwiches (mountain bread wrap for me) and stop for a picnic on the way.

On Saturday (if we don't catch any fish) we have chosen to do a pub meal. I figure I can have a steak and veggies meal without doing too much damage - I just wont be able to weigh my meat, so I bought a scotch fillet today from the butcher so I can weigh it and get a sense of size etc.

My knee is quite sore today so I am resting it again for a few days, hopefully the Wild Krill Oil will kick in soon and help lube the old thing up! (I mean my knee!)

I am going to do my Diarize (is that a word?) and organise task on the car trip tomorrow - it'll give me something to do anyway.

Now I have to go and get my final uni assignment of my entire degree finished - I keep putting it off... and it's weighing on my mind... (I wonder if its metaphorical weight)

I don't think I will have much to report until I return from Moonta - so I will catch you all up with my trip on Monday.


Oh, I jumped on the scales this morning (weak, I know) and YAY - I had another loss - but I will wait till Wednesday before I record it (or fill you in he he he)

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