Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 33 - Dec 2012

The run-on-sentence... (I love a good run-on sentence)

***I'm rounding the corner in my final min of running, 44 mins and 5kms gone, sweat is running in rivulets down my back, face, and through my hair, I am gasping for breath, I see the finish line 200mtrs away, my body is screaming at me 'Stop now, this hurts', but my mind asks, 'Hey you know what would be fun? If we sprint', so I ask myself 'Why not?' I sprint 100 metres and then my mind laughs like a little kid and starts yelling and clapping it's hands 'Faster, faster', I am now out pacing my new PT (who has just joined my for my last lap), I cross the line and then I understand that this journey is not going to be easy, but little wins like that are what keep me going.***

So I realised what my new catch phrase is (well for today).... 'Hey, why not?' When your body is screaming stop and your mind is saying just to the next light post say to yourself, 'Hey, why not?'


So my STS (SSS) was today and I started it with a 45min zombie run, the sprinting at the end is something I have been adding in lately... I had burnt around 400Cals before my PT arrived, but this wasn't the plan, I was supposed to be at the 580 mark.

Last week I was burning around 550 Cals during a 45 min run!! Damn it (and yay) I am getting much fitter. I have noticed that my heart rate recovery times are getting shorter and I have to push really hard to get to my max HR...

So in case you haven't noticed I have no issues doing cardio any more, In fact I really like it (weird, I know). Anyway, I knew I needed to burn about 1000 Cals today so I thought if I did a big zombie run today then a PT toning and weights session I would get there... but I fell 120 Cals short, but it wasn't for lack of trying. (I will take Ginger for a walk later to get the 120)

So during my PT session I think I nearly puked twice, and when I said to my PT 'Wait, wait, I think I might be sick', she would say 'Excellent, it's a good feeling isn't it?'... to which I could only shake my head, no...

On my 3 rep of lunges when my body was burning and visibly shaking she would say 'Awesome, now I know you're working hard for it'... I felt like I was being punished and rewarded in a 50 shades book... and that was nothing compared to the looks we received and the horns getting tooted from passing motorists as she knelt between my legs and was stretching my thighs!! I think we will cause an accident when I'm fit and sexy!!

All up I am all for a PT - she got me through a toning session (which I know will hurt tomorrow) but I just kept thinking through some of the inspirational phrases I have been reading lately.

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