Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 12 - Nov 2012

WOWEE!! I have been exercising like a woman possessed by the ghost of Lance Armstrong's career!! (too soon?) Scarily enough - I'm loving it!

I must put in a HUMONGOUS plug for the app called Zombies! Run, 5K Training. It is a great training pal for anyone training alone and starts off doing daily missions, with rewards. Today's reward was to have tomorrow off!! It even allows you to listen to your music whilst training. (and getting chased by Zombies).

I had 2 young girls (teens) sitting watching me train today (slow day in Two Wells) the 1st time I passed them I said that 'it looks like I have my own person cheer squad' and then each time I jogged passed them after that they cheered - it was very encouraging - I just ingnored the fact that they were probably teasing me!

It might sound daft but up until today my PB time for a 1km walk/jog was 9.57. Today I smashed that to 8.38mins/per km - OK so it's no marathon time and it was over 4.5kms but from where I started, with post exercise headaches after an hour walk to get 4kms to where I am now, I am just so proud! Let me tell you I left nothing in the tank after that!! PHEW!!

I got all teary when I saw my times today. New goal is it get to 4mins per km over 10 kms - so I can keep up with hubby (as that's his times)

Also I wanted to thank you ladies that are following/reading/commenting on my blog. I write my blog in my head as I am exercising - so you ladies are effectively inspiring/pushing/cheering me to go on.

I try to keep my blog humorous and light but the few times where I have needed you guys you have all chipped in, helped me get back up and been amazing!!

Now, today I cooked 3.5kgs of bacon, fried 3 dozen eggs, 6kgs onions, and sizzled 6kgs of sausages and didn't eat a thing! Admittedly I cant eat sausages because they contain MSG but every Sunday we have bacon and eggs, I check in MyFitnessPal and I could have had one (about 400 cals) but instead I ate before we left and when we got home!!

I am getting good at this will power thing - except I am desperate to get on the scales... Does any else suffer from scale anxiety? I am trying to hold out till Wednesday (don't want to be disappointed by checking too soon) but I am killing this diet and exercise thing... and most of all... I feel different.

I think I look different but the hubby and the kids haven't noticed any change yet... the only change the kids have noticed is that we have less recycling (no diet coke cans) and the recycling bin now looks like a Chobani graveyard...

But I am having a day off to let my body recover tomorrow so I will catch up with you all again on Monday!

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