Friday, 18 January 2013

Rocking a size 12!

Yesterday sucked!  It's been a long time since I have felt the way I did.  I usually let drama and B.S. slide off me but yesterday was crappy!  I don't know how many times Evil Haze told me to 'Pick up that bag of chips and sit on the couch,' or If you drop out of the 12WBT it wont matter,'  and I don't know how many times I considered eating badly for the instant gratification...  Eventually I decided that if I were to cave like that I really would be letting the haters win...  And I'm all about the proving them wrong...

So after what seemed like a never-ending day filled with drama and discord I showered, got into my PJ's, picked up a book and read for 4 hours straight...  I sometimes like to escape into a fantasy world where the drama happens to others and I am but a mere spectator - no I didn't go for a run, no I didn't take it out on the treadmill but hey, it's better than eating crap!

I finally got to bed at about midnight and slept through till 7:30am - Ahhh!   A little bit of sleep and a good read left me all refreshed and ready to start a new day with a new, positive outlook.

Dad rang, he got his Dr's results and he has type 2 Diabetes...  He wants my help to lose weight and start eating healthy!  So I drove around to his place, we talked it through and we went and did his groceries together.  I was so proud of him!  Even though he is on the pension and cant afford to buy a lot I managed to talk him into buying light and low fat things and showed him how to work out calories etc.

After we finished our groceries I stopped off at Big W and Target to buy some cheap 'interim clothes'  I really dont have anything left that fits but as I want to lose more weight I needed some cheap clothes that would get me through the next month or two...

I looked through all the racks of clothes but didn't like much - until I realised I was in the 'big girls' section!!  I don't need to go to the 'Big' section anymore!!!  Woo Hoo so I grabbed a bung of size 14's and headed for the change rooms - THEY WERE TOO BIG!!  OMG I am a size 12!!!  I took a pic in the change room of me wearing a 'Stretch' size 14 top and size 12 pants!  Yes, I know the top is too clingy (at the moment) and I didn't buy it - But I did buy 4 pairs of size 12 pants!!! OH YEAH!!

And just for a change, I really enjoyed shopping, I had grown to hate it - and before now I predominately bought all of my clothes online... This is AWESOME - I went from a day of disaster yesterday, to a day of delirium today - Now when my friends want to go out for shopping and coffee - I CAN GO!

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  1. That's awesome Haze! You're looking fantastic in your size 12's.

    ps - have been silently following you in the forums and cheering from the sidelines. Love your blog :)

    - RubySneakers