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Entry 43 - Dec 2012

So today was a total BUST... Got all ready for the excursion, I spent a good 30 minutes making lunch and preparing healthy snacks, packing water bottles etc etc arrived at school on time ... only to be told that there are enough parents going today and because my oldest son had been sick they assumed I wasn't going...

So I off loaded all the stuff I was carrying for my youngest and headed off to get some groceries... And I left all the food I had made for myself in his lunch box... (which he said was very yum)

Off I went to do the groceries, not realizing I had sent my food off, and forgot that I had no grocery bags or shopping list... This is dangerous... I just wondered aimlessly around the shops putting random things in my trolley... most of it healthy.. but ooooh look Tim Tams are 2 packets for $2 Bargain... ooh and Samboy chips are on special (I haven't been able to eat Samboys or Smiths for over a year due to the MSG thing) oooh 2 Boxes of Diet coke for $40...

Talk about impulse shopping...thankfully I woke up from my stupor in time to go back and carefully replace all the junk food back on to the shelves and come home with only healthy foods... (well everything except the ham that I originally went in there for)

But I think these action say something about my habits, spending and eating!! Definitely going on the list of things to improve!

But the good news is today I fit into my goal pants!! That's right folks I am officially in size 14 shorts (down from a size 18 when I started in pre-season) I just wanted to see if I could nearly do them up yet... I was totally shocked when they went on, and zipped up without any hassles - although I still do the weird superman-about-to-take-flight pose before I do up my pants... I wonder how long I will do this for...

I thought about doing some exercise but I was my own saboteur today... even with my newly acquired exercise bike ($30 from a friend who really should have kept it...)

But instead of doing that I started making the decorations for the cupcakes to go to school next week - I have to make 84 cup cakes, 30 for each of my sons classes, and 24 for my Dad to take in to his work (he volunteers at the Salvos, so I really don't mind making them for the other volunteers - they all work so hard.

Actually Hi have signed me and the kids up to be volunteers at a 'soup kitchen' on the 18th December (day after my b'day, day before My oldest son's b'day) Anyway, this is when the Salvos do their Christmas meal for the homeless - and I love Christmas plus everyone deserves to be able to celebrate it in some way, with the added bonus that it may give the kids a bit of perspective and maybe help to teach them community spirit.

I would do it on the 19th too (Christmas meals are done over 2 days) but that is My oldest sons b'day sleep over party and he is having 4 kids come over - should be... loud!!

(I'm giving away all my secrets for the next few weeks now!)

So needless to say I haven't exercised today and I promise to punish myself tomorrow with 2 workouts... I might do my SSS tomorrow as I am playing softball Saturday... hmmm I have some thinking to do!!

Here is my early Christmas present to you all - I have invented a recipe that is soo yummy I just had to share it... I call it...

Haze's Amazing Snags... (catchy right?)

Serves 5 (but I don't think it would freeze very well)


10 slices THIN lean beef minute steak (I get mine from the butcher) (about 800gms)
Tube of basil paste
Finely grated pecorino (parmesan is fine if you cant get pecorino)
10 thin slices of prosciutto (parma ham)

1kg Cauliflower (cut into florets)


1 cup chicken stock
ground dried sage
balsamic vinegar


Lay one slice of Prosciutto on a clean chopping board, then place a piece of minute steak over the top (you may have to flatten the minute steak if it isn't thin enough to roll).

Squirt a thin line of basil paste length ways along the steak ensuring the paste is in the middle.

Sprinkle a teaspoon of grated pecorino over the basil.

Then roll width ways into a long sausage shape (should be a long sausage shape, not a fat roll-up).

Repeat until all 'snags' are made.

Meanwhile you should boil hot water and use a steamer to cook the cauliflower while you cook the 'snags'.

Place the snags into a hot fry pan and turn as needed (only takes about 10-15 mins to cook)
The prosciutto goes all crispy and yummy if you don't turn them too much.. (place into a warm 120 degree oven while you make the sauce)

Add a healthy splash (to taste) of balsamic vinegar into the frying pan with all the delicious pan juices, then add the stock and a good shake of sage - simmer until the sauce reduces and becomes thicker.

Drain the cauliflower, and then use a stick mixer or blender to joozz it into a paste, add salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Add the 'snags' and to the plate and drizzle the mash and the 'snags' with the sauce!

Depending on the weight of the meat this all comes to grand total of 308 cals (according to My Fitness pal when I added each ingredient)

If you make it please let me know what you think - I LOVE THIS recipe, it's my birthday meal request for this year smile

Also if you have any 'can't live with out them' recipes (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) PLEASE share them as I would LOVE to try them out!!

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