Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 51 - Dec 2012

Firstly, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I am cooking for the masses tomorrow so I am busily rushing around trying to get everything done, but I wanted to update my blog as a priority (let's face it - the floors can wait to be mopped!)

Also I needed to let you all know that I signed up and paid for Round 1 2013, are any of you guys doing another round?... Hopefully next round will see me to my goal weight...


True to my word, I was up at 5:45am this morning and after a quick 'wake-me-up' shower and a tooth brushing I was off to the local park...

I arrived by 6:09am and was zombie running buy 6:10. I ran for about an hour and 20mins only stopping to walk (of course) and get a drink of water. It felt good to be out there again. I was aware of my internal dialogue this time, I was trying to listen to what I was telling myself so I could relay it to you all... It went a little something like this

Evil Haze: 'So, your knee is still sore why are you doing this, there's no shame in stopping if you're injured'

Me: 'That's true... I am injured, but my knee is heaps better than what it was and it really isn't effecting my running.'

Evil Haze: 'Hmmm yeah, but no-one else knows that.'

Me: 'But I'm not running to impress anyone.'

Evil Haze: 'Really?! If that is true why do you care if people think you are fat.'

Me: ' It's not about that, I want to lose weight, I feel better, looking better is the added bonus.'

Evil Haze: 'It'd be easier if you just stayed fat.'

Me: 'I know, but nothing was ever achieved by sitting around on my arse eating chips.'

Evil Haze: ' But chips are soooo good, you can never eat chips again.'

Me: 'Can too, when I reach my goal weight I can eat chips in moderation and I will just exercise any extra calories off.'

Evil me: 'Mooooore, This is sooo hard, I don't want to do more.'

Me: 'Shut up, we are doing more.'

Silence for a little while...

Me: 'Ok, just need to make it to the end of the signs.'

Evil Haze: ' Or what about just to the 50 line? It's close and then you can walk further to recover. You're awfully tired and you still have a PT session after this.'

Me: 'That's true maybe I shouldn't push myself to hard.'

Evil Haze: 'No, don't over exert yourself or you will have nothing left to give to the PT and she will think you are slack.'

Me:' Well, I don't want her to think I'm slack.'

Evil Haze: 'Nearly at the 50, you are really puffing you know.'

Me: 'I know, but the end of the signs aren't that much further, and I will be disappointed if I
don't make it all the way.'

Evil Haze: ' STOP, you just went past the 50 - I thought we agreed.'

Me: 'Sucker!!! I'm doing it and I'm sprinting!'

Evil Haze: ' STOP! You're going to wreck your knee!'

Me: 'NER NER NER NER NER I made it and you can't stop me!'

Evil Haze was quiet for a while after that one!!

I know that there are quite possibly some deep seeded psychological issues here... all you Psychologists out there are probably calling for the white van to come and collect me and silently measuring me up for a straight jacket (size 14), but that is an honest account of what goes on inside my head as I am running... I don't know why I am constantly trying to talk myself out of things... Does anyone else have this problem, or it it just me... (YIKES I hope not)

So anyway, after my run I had the PT session - Megan was on a mission to kill me... she started off by telling me, 'Today, we are getting back to basics.' Evil Haze was high fiving actual Haze at this... until Megan followed that up by saying, 'Today we are going to do 100 of everything. 100 lunges, 100 crunches, 100 push ups, 100 leg ups, and 100 of what ever else I can think of, my goal here is to make you hurl.'

I think the colour drained out of my face, I was no longer doing internal high fives, I was calculating if I could out run my PT to make it to my car... I couldn't, I had to face facts, Megan was going to kill me!

So, true to her word that's what we did... Plus the nasty things she could think of were 100 tricep weights and 100 bicep curls (using the 3kg weights)... (this is where I nearly hurled, for some reason I hate the arm weights... or more to the point they hate me)

Strangely though I thought my new yoga mat (that I got for my birthday) had a big lump in it... Every time I sat on it, the lump was right under my bum bone... I checked under the mat to be sure it wasn't the ground being a little lumpy, nope... It was definitely my mat... so I moved left... still lumpy, then I moved right... still lumpy... Oh, silly me, maybe it was in my pants... nope...

OMG it was my bum bone!!! It's been years since I had felt it!! Megan thought this was hilarious... I was just proud!

Megan actually said my bum was looking very toned... (loved that compliment too)

Anyway, although I nearly puked, I stayed strong. Ha ha I won that round... but then she promised shed get me next time... which is only a few days away as I booked a session for Friday... All up today I burnt 1274 Calories!! So this will be my first ever burn-more-than-I-eat day!!

As it is school holidays I had a designated photographer on hand who captured a few of my more painful moments!!

Stay safe everyone and let me know how you get on with your Christmas festivities (oh, and let me know if you are mental too)

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