Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 50 - Dec 2021

What a busy time of the year - and I am sure I am not the only one! My oldest had his sleep over bday party and it was fun... Although I am sure the kids had more fun than me! This year I got to play with the kids - I had the energy and I knew that they couldn't puff me out too quickly. This is the first time I have been able to do this... It may be the last time too - apparently gang up on Haze with the water pistols was the best game ever!

The kids were asleep by about 11:30pm but were up (well at least I heard them) at 5:30am... One of the boys fell asleep on the way home (10min car trip)

I survived without too much damage to the diet too - although I did eat about 20 jelly babies... but I put them in MFP and missed out on a snack... It was really hard with all the chips and lollies and cake but I persevered and stayed under the 1200 (just - 1196)

Ok here comes the BIG GUILTY CONFESSION!!! I have not done ANY exercise since hiking up Morialta... (6 days ago) Admittedly my knee was killing me up until Thursday but I had no excuse yesterday - and I had none today... but this morning I just talked myself out of it. (Stupid head!) And tomorrow is going to be 39 (in the city usually about 3-5 degrees hotter here) and I don't do so well in the heat so I was going to do swimming exercise... But that always feels like cheating as I enjoy it too much...

I know I just need to get back into the swing of it but I can't seem to get my butt into gear... I have organised a PT session for Monday morning 7:30am and was hoping to get a run in beforehand... And I am currently in discussions with myself about doing a very early run on Christmas morning (before the kids get up) so that I wont be stressing over calories all day. But this will be tough as I love hearing the kids sneaking down the hall to see what Santa has bought them... (usually 6am-ish) and I would probably be looking to be out running from 5:30am - 6:30am... I guess I will try... not much more I can do...

OK, now for the positives... My youngest gave my a big hug the other day - right around the waist... He stopped and said 'Hang on, let me try that again,' which was very cute, so he did it again... then he called his brother in for a shot... "Hey, look at this, I can get my arms all the way around her, how far can yours reach?' They then proceeded to have a competition about how far around up their arms they could reach when hugging me... Of course I don't usually let them have competitions as they lead them to fights, but I was getting lots of big squeezy hugs, so I didn't mind at all!

I don't know about you all, but I am running out of clothes to wear, if I hadn't found the 3 pairs of size 14 shorts (still with tags on - that I can't remember buying) in the bottom of my drawer I think I'd be walking around naked! Nothing fits any more but I was thinking to myself, I cant throw that out... What if I put weight back on, I would just have to buy them all again...

This chain of thought had been happening for awhile... and them I realised that I was doing exactly what Michelle said, about the self sabotage stuff... Pfft...and I thought it didn't apply to me!! Hah, I couldn't have been more wrong!

Why the hell am I trying to lose weight if in a years time I will be back in size 18 clothes??

So over the past week, if I put something on that didn't fit any more, it gets folded then put straight into a garbage bag to take to the local charity shop. I WILL NOT BE THIS SIZE AGAIN!

So far I have dropped off 2 full bags of pants to the local op shop, and I am now on to my 3rd...

I bought myself a cheap shirt today for Christmas day, it's not the pretty dress I wanted to wear for Xmas (this was a mini goal) but not because I didn't achieve the weight loss, it's because I didn't want to spend $200 on a dress I would only wear once... Plus there is always next Christmas when I will look even hotter than I do now - I might just walk around in a bikini!!

Speaking of... Does anyone else find themselves thinking damn I am looking good... and not caring anymore about strutting around the house in their undies?? or is it just me??

Last year I hated getting into the pool, or rather I hated getting into my bathers, getting into the pool was fine because no-one could see me underwater...

This year I am begging the kids to come swimming with me... and they are complaining... 'But Mum, we went swimming before lunch... why do we have to go again?'

So many things about me are changing and they are changing so quickly that it isn't until I stop to compare the old me with the current me that I catch the changes... another example of this is my food focus... I used to be so focussed on what I was eating and when, I would even get angry and lose my temper if I didn't get a certain food as I had planned, usually take away. I know - totally terrible right?!?

Now the only emphasis I place on food is whether or not it is healthy and how many cals it contains...

Also my engagement and wedding rings are nearly to the dangerous point of falling off... they still don't flick off my knuckle but they nearly do... I wasn't even aware that I had fat hands before!

I put an entry into the snack attack thread - awesome thread if you haven't read it - totally check it out as there are some great snack ideas... Please feel free to post yours here (but add them to the snack thread first in case you win a prize) Also if you have any awesome low-cal curries - I WANT THE RECIPE PLEASE!!!

Anyway here is my entry...

This is my favourite accompaniment to any meal - they are a bit fiddly but once you get the hang of it you will whiz through them in no time at all. Plus at around 7cals each they satisfy the savoury cravings and you can eat lots!!

Savoury Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Serves 4 | 10 per serve | 63 cals per serve (6.3 Calories per tomato)


40 small cherry tomatoes (approx 2 punnets of small - or 3 punnets of medium)
100gms low fat ricotta
1 tbspn grated peccorino (or parmasen if you cant find peccorino)
1 spring onion
25gms finely sliced prosciutto


Remove the top from each cherry tomato. Hollow out the tomatoes with the back of a teaspoon, being careful not to puncture the skin. (You made need a paring knife to cut through the membrane inside the tomato). Stand each hollow tomato upside down on paper towel to drain.

While the tomatoes are draining finely chop the spring onion and prosciutto, then place into a small bowl.

Add the ricotta to the bowl and stir to combine.

Fill each of the cherry tomatoes with the stuffing and place onto a lined baking tray, if your tomatoes wont stand up try using a mini muffin tray. (You can put the lid back on at this stage but I like my stuffing to get a bit toasty on top)

Place into a preheated oven (175 degrees) and bake for 15 mins or until a slight colour appears on the stuffing.

Serve and eat immediately.

**As an alternative you can use small zucchinis (19 cals each) - 1 stuffed zucchini half is worth approx 4 cherry tomatoes.

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