Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 32 - Dec 2012

What a weekend!!!

Ok, so I didn't exercise at all over the weekend (other than running around organising bbqs and birthdays)

I know, I know, no more excuses - but I was sooooo busy - I was up at 6 and in bed at 12 on both days and just didn't have the energy to do anything other than what was required to make these days go right...

However!!! I didn't go crazy in the food department so thats a win right there. I made cupcakes and mud cakes and ganache (which I did have a bit of the left over - but I put it on a banana and used it as a snack)

But at the party there was pizza and chips and lollies and (yay me) a fruit platter! So I had....

7 hot chips
4 pieces of watermelon
and a teeny sliver of mud cake (minus the icing)

I used this as both of my snacks and had a 224 cal breakky, a 276 cal lunch and a 280 cal dinner) - So although I didn't exercise I did pretty well on my first red flag weekend.

But last night, after the kids went to bed, I started to feel guilty. I knew you guys would be disappointed in me and I didn't want to blog I had a bad weekend as I was concerned it might give people an excuse (you know the one, if she can do it so can I), so last night I called and booked a personal trainer to come out and punish me on Tuesday (not in the 50 shades way either!), this is AFTER I do a massive zombie run (so my SSS is now STS)!!

Not to let a bad weekend get me down, this morning I went on a zombie run and in the heat and the rain (weird weather day) and burnt 511 cals - I also have made plans to go swimming later for an hour or so (another 300+ cals to burn there)

So here's the deal - yeah, I had a bad weekend exercise-wise, but I WILL NOT let that be my excuse for failing. I have picked myself up and am back on the program. I guess it's like smoking (or quitting smoking) you just have to persevere and not let on slip up derail you from your goals!

My pledge to you and to myself:


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