Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 11 - Nov 2012

So, I found measuring body for weight loss website online,seriously there is a website for everything!!... Anyway I am going to go by these rules throughout my weight loss journey (see at the bottom of this post for the rules)

OK so the tape measure only goes up to a metre... and yes, I am bigger than one metre in the bust...(and a few other places)

A quick run to the kitchen to get the twine and voila! problem solved...

So here they are:

BUST 118.5 cms (which according to my husband is a whole lotta booby!)

Chest: 100 cms

Waist: 107.5cms

Hips: 105.5 cms (I lifted my belly out of the way- how embarrassing)

Thighs: L) 62 cms R) 60 cms (weird - I though I would be symmetrical)

Calves: L) 43 cms R) 41.5cms

Upper Arm: L) 35cms R) 35 cms

Forearm: L) 27.5cms R) 27.5 cms (well at least my arms are symmetrical)

Neck: 38 cms

I think I will only check them once a month - or on a week of no loss....(hopefully that doesn't happen)

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