Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Weigh in day week 9

So today I only had a 400gm loss :( - I think the issue is now that I am not eating enough... plus I am being a big old slacker in the water drinking department too...  It is on my list of things to do better at. (It's a bloody long list too)

On Monday (or day after embarrassing bee sting) I was fine and I got up to exercise to find my hubby on the bottom of the shower (yes in my spot too) but he was sick, really really sick... I turns out he is allergic to bee stings...  So I got him out of the shower and I was very worried about him, so all plans of training went out the window.  Plus he refused to accept it was an allergy or go to the hospital...

I ended up playing nursemaid all day - without the sexy outfit - and got nothing done.  Very disappointing and not at all going to cut it.  By the late afternoon he was out of bed and moaning on the lounge so I decided that he wasn't going to die and I took the kids and the puppy for a 6km walk into town and back, admittedly I bribed them with icy poles in town if they came with me but we all went for the walk and I managed to burn just over 200 Cals - so the day wasnt a complete waste!

Tuesday we walked around the city shopping and today I had softball practice (did I mention how much I am now loving softball?)  tomorrow is going to be 41!!!  So it's a pool party polooza with the both of the kids having friends over for the day... and Friday I WILL go for a Zombie run BEFORE my PT session if I can get all the kids down to the oval with me (I have 5 kids sleeping over Thursday night)  But I really need a big cal burn day and I need it NOW!!!

Did anyone else LOVE accelerator Tuesday??  OMG I ate sooo much and was so full it was amazing!!  We had snapper on the BBQ and blue swimmer crabs for dinner and it was AMAZING...  If only seafood wasn't so darn expensive - I spent $53 for seafood for 2 adults and 2 kids... But it was super fresh and super yummy... and I am not buying take out any more which would have probably been about the same so I shouldn't complain!

How was everyone elses weigh in this week?  3 weeks out from out goals.... YIKES  I really do need to up my game!!!

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