Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 9 - Nov 2012

Take a deep breath...

C'mon Haze, you can do this.....

*** Opens new Michelle Bridges email and bursts into tears ***


OK, Deep breath listen to the task...

Setting goals, you can do that!

***Takes notes as the video plays***(nerd)

This isn't hard. I can do this, no problems.

***Gets out calculator, reads the FAQ's to get relevant information, does more calculations***

Right so here's the plan:

By the end of my first 12wbt I want to weigh 73.1kgs

That is a 15kg loss from TODAY - (I get a bit of a head start too)

or a 1.25kg loss per week over 12 weeks

or 5kgs per month - I think this is achievable for me.

After 6 months and my 2nd round of 12wbt (yes, I will sign up again) I WILL reach my goal weight of 60kgs!

And by 12 months I will be in a bikini on a beach in Thailand - I am saving for this now ($800 per month in my secret stash that the hubby doesn't know about), because I had to factor that in too (S.M.A.R.T.)

Yes I had a shitty, down in the dumps, oh woe is me day yesterday, but I still stuck to my 1200 cals (1184 to be exact) and I realised something, it's something I say to my kids all the time but never really had to tell it to myself.... new catch phrase coming...

That if I cannot change the situation, I will change my attitude! And damn it, I did!

So I popped out to the library and borrowed 10 books most were low cal cookbooks!! The borrowing of books is not unusual for me - but the subject matter is smile

Now, I am about to bust out a 1 hour yoga DVD, then I am working out with a friend at the park later this afternoon.

So here's to my new beginning, and to yours!

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