Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 8 - Nov 2012

***And so the wheels fell off...***

I was so excited about waking up this morning - it's weigh in day!!! I have been really good and stuck to the calorie intake (the best I could) and have exercised nearly everyday, my body aches from the hard work I have been putting in and I am ready!!



That's only 0.2kg loss... All this dedication and hard work adds up to 0.2kg loss

Utter devastation... I sit on the bottom of the shower crying.

I seriously need to look at what I am doing wrong... I have never worked this hard to lose weight...


***So, I put the wheels back on, but they're wobbly.***

I know the scales might not say it, but I KNOW I am (Charlie Sheen) winning...

I fit into a pair of shorts yesterday that I haven't worn for about 3 years, and if I have to be honest, I bought them too small anyway...

I FEEL different - I am more confident, happier within myself knowing that I am doing something about it.

I did lose weight - not a 'gain', not a 'stay the same', and a loss, is a loss!

I have changed the type of exercise I am doing, I have been walking (faster) and trying some jogging, plus lots of circuit type training at the park, I mean really, 120 sit-ups in 2 days!! (Yes, I'm still harping on about that.)

But still, the scales don't lie!

Today my body is sore, and to be honest, even though I can see the positives I am still pretty bummed.

I was going to take a break for the day, but if I can pick myself up in time I might do a Yoga DVD.

Honestly, I think I am trying to stay up beat for you ladies, maybe that's a good thing? Maybe?

Blerkkkk, I hate this feeling.

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