Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 26 - Nov 2012

I'm busily trying to get me final assignment out of the way so I can graduate next year - except at the moment I am finding lots of excuses not to...

Yesterday I did a Zombie Run (4.78kms) nearly made it to the 5 km mark! I made a deal with myself that if I could get to 5kms (this is walking and running/jogging/shuffling...gasping for breath) that if I got to 5kms I would get the next Zombies Run! app... (Ok so I bought it a while ago but I haven't actually used it yet smile

I swallowed 2 flies yesterday!!! but I went out before breakfast so it was the extra energy I needed... I also thought of a brilliant marketing idea for Nike... wait for it!!!

The NIKE Fli-fit cap (using the dri-fit cap with a fly veil over the front... brilliant right?!)

Anyway I used the new HRM - loving it!! I burnt 645 Cals!! Max HR was 192, average 171...

Got home had a shower and notice two little red marks on my right thigh... UH OH! Yep Spider bite!!!

Thankfully it wasn't too bad - I got a bit feverish and nauseous for a while but I slept it off, and as Matt is away for work again I had to get my Dad to pick up the kids from school - I was fine by 5pm and haven't noticed any ill effects today... except chronic procrastination!!

Which brings us up to .... EXERCISE and MEAL PLANS

I assume you all got yours this morning - after checking a million times.. (that might have just been me)

I am OK with most of the food - the eggplant and cous cous salad isn't doing it for me though so I am swapping it to the chicken tikka curry... It's a bummer that I cant change the serving sizes - that would be great then I caould set breakfast and lunch to 1serve, and dinner to 4... as it is I have to check all the recipes to see how many they serve then halve or double the amount... which makes the shopping list something I have to edit too...

Oh well I might need to schedule in an hour or 2 each Thursday to do this, just till I get the hang of everything anyway... What did you all think of the menus?

The Exercise thing looks good - a lot of it I am doing at the moment (the 45 min walk run in the cardio, I am just going to use zombie run) and the gym exercises.... This is just a little more structured - which is good as I really just do what I feel like and usually leave the hard exercises out! Although the burpees look way hard... I am so uncoordinated at the best of times... I might take a video of my first attempt - it should be funny, I can see me kneeing myself in the face!!

However I must say that I am glad I chose intermediate - although I may not be next week...

Are you all happy with your plans?

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