Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 6 - 3rd Nov 2012

Pre Season Task #1: Get Real. No More Excuses

Ok, I listened to the video and like the diligent uni student that I am took notes along the way... NERD!! Here's what I wrote:

Stop Making excuses for being a fat fatty fat
You got yourself into this state and no-one else is to blame
The only person who can make you lose weight is you
You are awesome and can do this


I think because I am so determined to do this I had pretty much sorted out the excuse thing but I wrote them all down and printed them out. (NERD)

my new thing is while I am exercising I try to come up with motivational catch phrases for myself, so far I have:

- Don't let your body dictate your life, tell it where to go! (I like the where to go bit)
- You can do it! ( but I can never manage to say this without the Rob Schneider accent)
- Kickin' Ass, taking names (this is what I say as I jog to keep pace)

I am sure there will be more soon... but unfortunately I feel like I have become a cliche ridden American talk show host... But somehow I just don't seem to care.

Monday - daily Calorie in take 1186 plus I exercised like a demon and roped a friend into it too - and I was pushing harder so she would push herself harder - I walked/jogged in total 2kms then did a 30min work out on the park equipment. The puppy can no longer keep up with my pace and I am pulling her along!! Admittedly she is a 6mth old King Charles Cavalier so that's not a huge obstacle!!

I did the same work out again this morning and I am feeling it now - in total I have done 120 sit ups over 2 days... I wondered when the stomach would let me know about it! But even this wont stop me, I am going to do a yoga DVD tomorrow and back to jogging and gym work out Thursday - because I HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES!!

But seriously I feel AMAZING. I even got asked TWICE yesterday if I had lost weight - how bloody good did that feel?!!!

I am She-Ra Princess of Power!!! (excuse my lame 80's references but I'm really that old!)

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