Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 47 - Dec 2012


Wow I have been super busy. I have been up at 6am and to bed at 11:30pm nearly every day since Sunday and I am soooo tired... So what have I been up to??

Well, let me get this out of the way first.... I have only exercised once this week... that was Tuesday, I have been swimming and burnt about 200 cals everyday since, but I was playing in the pool with the kids. It was too hot so softball training was cancelled so I can't even count that!!

I don't think that I have mentioned this in the past but I used to be a commercial photographer, but when the boys came to live with us they both needed a lot more love and attention than I could provide when I was running a studio full time. So Matt and I agreed that I would close the studio and if work came up I would do it if I could fit it in around the kids schedule.

So some work came up... A lot of work. I am shooting, designing and printing a brochure, catalogue, website and full colour price list for a commercial rose grower... this is A LOT OF WORK! and I am on a very tight deadline (finished product by the end of the 1st week in January) Anyway I have been doing all this as well as all the kids end of year stuff, class parties, speech day award ceremonies, etc etc... PLUS it is Matt's b'day tomorrow AND I had a relative drop in unannounced from interstate...

Upside - My house has about 500 roses in it smile very pretty...

My diet has been under the 1200 but days like today - it is way under (I am eating dinner now and it's 9:02pm) But I am trying my best and I am going to get chased around by some zombies tomorrow - the kids are coming with me so I will have my own cheers squad.

Today I had to go and buy new clothes (whilst I was getting my hubby's bday pressie) I saw some MB pants at Big W - black with a red waist band - and I had to buy size 14!!! Lauz please do yourself a favour and pop in to Big W and get some new knickers and workout pants (but yay for falling down pants!)

I have had another big challenge this week... Matt took the kids to Maccas as a special treat (so Mummy could get some work done) anyway, Matt took my new car as it had more fuel and he didn't want to go to the servo (typical) so the youngest son ordered nuggets and they gave him ketchup... which when her tried to open squirted it all over the roof of the car (my poor poor new 4wd)...

So now when I get in the car it smells like Maccas, and if you think that temptation gets easier - it doesn't... well it might for you, but for me it what I imagine recovering alcoholics go through when they smell their favourite drink... Maccas is what I would have as my final meal on death row... So, so sad... I hope one day I can say a lovely salad with a zesty lemon vinaigrette and a lean chicken fillet... (and mean it)

But the biggest news is... I finally finished my fitness test and measurements..

Last week I lost 900gms and so far my total body change is 40.5cm smaller!

Push Ups (Toes) = 2 more (I did 2 where as before I had 0)
Push Ups (Knees) = 9 more
Sit Reach (cm) = 2 more
Time Trial (min:sec) 1:12 faster
Wall Sit (min:sec) 0:11 longer

So I am faster, fitter and stronger, and no I am not perfect, and yes I let life get in the way a little bit too much, but hey, I am human, and life is going to get in the way. I am glad that it is happening now, it tests me - to see how I will cope post MB12WBT, and so far I am incredibly proud of myself for sticking to it as best I can and getting back up when I fall.

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