Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 44 - Dec 2012

I found the start of my weight loss journey both incredibly frustrating and exhilarating. I was frustrated that I wasn't thin already and exhilarated that I was losing weight at the same time...

I think my most surprising change is the change in my fitness and my attitude towards it... I was all set to blow off training AGAIN today and thought, 'Meh it's hot I'll jump in the pool with the kids later this afternoon and do some laps.' But I sat on the exercise bike and thought - I'll watch the latest Sons of Anarchy episode (love that show) and pedal for 10 mins, then I looked at the Cals burnt on my HRM - 'Not enough, keep going, go for at least 30 mins, you can stop at 30!.'

All up I watched the entire show and pedaled for 58 mins, 20kms and 303 Cals burnt! Plus the 200 I will burn in the pool later makes for a good day!


Just received a text message - the other softball team has forfeited so no game tomorrow - They must've heard I was playing and got scared off (Yeah right!)


So it looks like I still get a SSS tomorrow after all - Although I saw what Mish has in store for us and I'm not quite so keen any more!!

Oh well hopefully I will burn them fairly quickly tomorrow and get a relaxing rest of the weekend - with roast lamb tomorrow night. (My absolute favourite of all the roasts)

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