Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 54 - Jan 2013

So big news - today's post comes with photos!!! I have done half way comparison shots, I am now wishing that I had done a side shot from when I started - but I cried enough over the 1st one so... Anyway no paper in the house to hold but as it's not an official weigh in or picture I didn't think it mattered too much!

I am so glad I can see that my tummy is getting smaller (side view) because when I look down - it looks the same... I was beginning to despair. I thought I was losing weight everywhere but my tummy - but I was wrong!! And look at my butt!! (five words I can remember saying ever) it's like a little peach (no fuzz jokes necessary)

Just when I was getting a bit down on myself for not doing better or not losing more this picture is going to inspire me to keep on going, and yes I know I need to buy new bras and undies... maybe in a few weeks time... although I have been saying that for weeks!

Perhaps those of you that are feeling a little down on yourselves should do a comparison shot too? I would dearly love to see them - it's my favourite part of the site (apart from talking to you guys of course) seeing the transformations and thinking that will be me some day!

I have softball training tonight and I am going to try to get them motivated to put out the cigarettes and do a bit more training and a lot less chatting!!


I have organised a beginners boot camp (for all my really unfit mum friends, and a few 12wbt'ers are coming along too - it's on Friday morning and it's going to be 42 degrees!! It will be like Bikram yoga (with out the yoga)

Oh and a BIG loss this week 1.8kgs!!! WOO HOO. Gotta love/hate my personal trainer!

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