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Entry 5 - 26th Oct 2012

WEEK 4 - Write it down

Wha...??? Really?? That's it? Write down what we eat, we don't even have to change anything! SWEET... I've said it before and I'll say it again... Michelle Bridges = Genius


Breakfast.. Yeah I better eat breakfast, especially if I have to write it down, I really can't be skipping meals. 1 bowl of cornflakes an light milk - YAY ME!

I'm gunna do a work out too... Don't usually, but found this awesome park near my place that has gym equipment... Plus its a warm one today and I really don't want to go for another 5km walk.

It was quiet and peaceful at the park, and I worked out like a fiend - I did 5 mins on each apparatus THAT'S 40mins!!! I was a bit sweaty but nothing too bad, plus I gave those workmen a bit of a show... My big butt jiggling around must've made their day!

Lunch - yeah I'm not going to the bakery for that sausage roll, especially not if I have to write it down!! Salmon sandwich on wholemeal bread (and it was good)

Dinner - Home made corned beef, mashed spuds, veggies, Yummo!

Snack - a few soft jubes to help get rid of this post exercise headache (might be low blood sugar)

Daily Calorie count 1522

You know what? I think I kicked arse today!



I can barely walk! Now I know how the Tinman felt before Dorothy lubed him up... Every muscle is screaming, I have to get the kids to pick things up off the floor for me because I can quite bend that way anymore... Couching it till lunch

Oh no Uni meeting till 6pm and husband away for work... what's for dinner??

Chicken and chips for dinner - not a complete disaster as I halved my usual potion size, still daily calorie intake.... 1767, I felt better yesterday.



88.3kg, WHAT?? Check again, nope still 88.3kg, Move scales to make sure the floor is flat, check again, 88.3kg!! OH YEAH...Doing a naked happy dance in the bathroom!!

My legs have regained most of their usually movement but my butt has decided that it needs to teach me a lesson... Another day couching it will see me right, I'm sure.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I get out and slam a 5.3km walk and my butt has decided that it feels a bit better, actually all of my muscles do... hmmm there could be something in this...

Daily Calorie Intake 1489 - not too shabby!!



I know today is going to be a bad food day - I am having dinner at a pub with some interstate relatives... I am not quite sure what to do...

I managed to fit in a 30 min walk before heading out to dinner

I use MyFitnessPal to work out what meal I could eat (that I wanted to) and went with the lowest cal meal from the 4 selected items

Oldest son had his Chemo today, which always makes we want to eat chocolate, and even with a packet of Tim Tams in front of me I resisted!!

Still daily calorie intake 1311 - Am I ever going to be able to get below 1200!!!

Day 5


After my children had terrible behavior before school I was ready to drop them off and head to the nearest Maccas for a must deserved breakfast and wind down. On top of the terrible behavior, my youngest son, managed to open the door whilst I was reversing out of the carport and collected the pole. Luckily there was no damage to the house, unfortunately I couldn't say the same for the car...

Dropped the kids off and decided to head home for a sulk and a nap... 5 days of single parenting was more that enough this week.

Had a healthy breakfast and felt better, watched some chick flicks, cried, felt better again.

The kids were still disgusting when I bought them home from school but I had a plan, and I stuck to it, plus they both had early nights, and Matt came home. All up I think I handled the day like a champ!

Daily Calorie 1209!!!! WOO HOO

Day 6


Matt took the boys to cricket so I could have a very well earned sleep-in and break... however the puppy had very different ideas. By 8am I was out of bed, showered, fed and heading out for a 5km walk... I get to a deserted stretch of road and decide - I can jog this!

For the first 5 metres I am going like a hero, then my boobs catch up and I realise that I haven't got the right bra on for jogging... But my body has momentum now...I'm not stopping!! I have a target in mind and I'm going to get there... so with one arm strapping the girls down and the other holding the puppy's lead I keep going. I made it!!! It was probably only 30 metres but I was stoked with my effort, next time I will wear the right bra and maybe get to 50!!

There is something strange going on here, instead of having a lazy sleep-in day I was up and exercising... and jogging, and I don't do jogging!!....weird....

Saturday is our 'everyone comes to our place for a roast dinner' night, it has been for years... so I figured it wasn't going to be too good Calorie wise, but I don't want to give up this tradition, so I was going to have to make it work...

I still got to enjoy my roast chook, and all the trimmings, I just had less of each thing and I didn't even notice smile

Daily Calorie intake 1348 I am very happy with that!



Ordered some sports bras online smile they were 25% Off, gotta lave a discount!
Went out and check the hives, looks like the bees have been busy too, we might even get some honey soon!!

Cleaned out the duck pond, then cleaned out one of the chook pens - phew I need a break.

Made a beautiful chicken, mango, and sun-dried tomato salad with last nights left overs and it was devoured by everyone, even better - I had a huge serving and it was only 245 calories, making that again!!

More cleaning up around the place, mowed front and back lawns then enjoyed a delicious bbq steak dinner - and realized I was still 400 calories UNDER my required daily. Ate a banana, a Chobani, and then a small serve of ice-cream

Daily calorie intake1206!! I think I'm getting the hang of this!!

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