Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 22 - Nov 2012

*** Sweating through the pain ****

For some reason it took me a really long time to confront this weeks first task - the fitness test...

I don't know why, I knew it was coming, I knew what to expect but for some reason I didn't want to do it... I even drove the 1km track 4 times, just to make sure I wasn't going to go over... I geared up and wondered around the house, I put on a load of washing, I thought about the assignment I need to finish, answered a few emails... In the end I just put on my JFDI hat and started walking - I walked to the spot I waving at all the neighbour's driving by, stopped to talk to the horses on the corner and then when I arrived at the start I didn't really know what to do...

So I started my stop watch and I ran. Oh my god did I push hard! By the time a got to the horses my lungs were on fire and I couldn't say hi as they trotted up to the fence... I managed a wave as I slowed to a power walk (this was 300 meters)

I walked around the corner to get my breath back then I kept setting targets,

'Just run to that driveway',

Stop and walk, get your breath back.

'Now, just get to that sign.'

Stop and walk, get your breath back,

'Walk faster dammit!'

'Now, bring it on home.'

Then with each foot fall i chanted to myself

'Don't. Stop. Don't. Stop.'

I made it in 7:34:7 (7:35mins)

I was completely and utterly BUGGERED!!

Oh well, I was on a roll...

I managed 33 push ups in 1 min (knees only - didn't want to risk the knee more on toes) my arms were shaking and about an half an hour later they still are!

Sit ups were woe full I managed to do stage one (I did it 4 times to make sure my feet didn't leave the ground) but I couldn't even get up for stage two!

I held the wall sit for 31 secs (ouch ouch ouch)


I just managed to get to -3cms for the flexibility test!

So all up:

1km (intermediate - just) I know I was shocked by that too!

Push Ups (advanced) WTF!! Maybe I should have tried the toes?? Did I cheat??

Abdominal strength (beginner) No surprises there

Wall sit (beginner) Again, no surprises

Sit and reach (intermediate) I guess I can get further in the future without all my guts in the way!

Which I think puts me in the intermediate category... Not sure how to work this out for the program start - I guess if beginner is too easy then I will bump up to intermediate or maybe I should start at intermediate... Oh well I am sure I will figure it out.

However, I know 4 weeks ago when I signed up for this program I signed up as a beginner - and I definitely would have been - I guess it shows that the zombie training is working for me, but that I definitely need to work on my core - more yoga DVD's I guess, although I do have a Yoga game for the WII Fit...

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