Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 21 - Nov 2012

Well it's Sunday afternoon and we're home! It's always nice to get away, it makes you appreciate your own home much more...

Well the question you're all dying to have answered, 'Did she stick to the 1200 cals??'

Well.... Yes, yes I did.. kind of... I made sure to pack all foods that were low cal for breakfast and lunch and as we were fishing a lot I didn't snack (who wants to touch food with gross fish hands?)

Dinners were tough, the plan was to catch enough fish (or buy them if we couldn't) then bbq the catch and have salads... but all best plans are laid to waste when crunch time comes.

We only caught one squid (see pic below) and it wasn't enough to feed us all, then we couldn't find any fresh fish!!! so we ended up at the pub the first night and at a motel restaurant the next...

The problem with the pub meal was.. it was a pub meal. I ordered the least terrible meal on the menu (blackened lamb cutlets with mashed potatoes and veggies) and it was delicious but there was sooo much fat on the lamb, which I cut off (even though its my favorite bit) but the portion sizes were huge.

Hubby was quite happy as he got one of the cutlets and my youngest was happy because he ate most of my mashed spuds which left me with about 150 grams of grilled lamb 1/4cup mashed spud and the veggies were so withered and dried out I didn't bother, obviously vegetables aren't a high priority with a pub meal!

The next night I refused to go back to the pub and told the family that I was happy to eat a wrap at home but we opted for a 'fancy restaurant' that was closed for a private function!!

We ended up at a motel bistro which was actually really good. It only offered 8 choices of meals, and the steak eye fillets and veggies were the healthiest choice, and absolutely scrumptious!

On Saturday morning I actually got up and was chased by zombies for 45mins!! I felt good i was pushing myself harder than I ever had (even with the sore knee) I ran from the outskirts Moonta to Port Hughes, back along the beach up a killer flight of step stairs (admittedly i walked up) then back along the road to the house. I was strong! I felt like doing the air punching run, you know - Rocky Style, but there were a few cars about so I held back.

I ran the final 200 meters without stopping and stumbled up the driveway (this is a long way for me! especially after 45 mins) Boy was I puffed!! And keen for a shower!!! Oh yeah, oh NOOOOOO! I forgot the gas bottle!!! Freezing cold shower ensued - I even washed my hair... I think I was more breathless after the shower than I was after the run! (note: later that day we discovered the hot water was electric and we just needed to turn it on - NO it's not funny!!!)

Funny thing happened though.. I found my belly button!! It has long been hidden between my rolls of fat, When I got out of the shower I saw it in the mirror! It was definitely my belly button - and it was definitely on my tummy - I rushed out to show Matt who just grunted, evidently he wasn't as impressed by it's reappearance as I was!

I wonder if the next 'Before' photo I take will show any difference??

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