Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 57 - Jan 13 2013

I have got another embarrassing tale to tell you all, but I will leave it until a bit later to fill you in... I have other things that I need to get out of the way first...

I mentioned the other day that I am organising a local bootcamp to get everyone involved... Well it is now happening - every Friday and every Monday, which means I kind of have to attend... But I am replacing my one on one session with the PT for 2 bootcamps - financially it works out the same but I got far bigger DOM's with my one on one session... I will just play it by ear and if I think that the bootcamps aren't enough for me I will switch to a PT session instead...

Don't get me wrong, at the moment I get DOM's every second session and I still struggle to get through them but they are getting easier each time - even though the work outs are getting harder! Tomorrow I must go for a run first - I haven't done a run for about a week and a half (not including the 1km time trial) so I am feeling like my life as Runner 5 (zombie training speak) is being seriously neglected...

Speaking of DOMs... Yesterday was my 3rd game of softball, (797 cals burnt for the game) but I only got up to bat once (and struck out) the other team KILLED us, even our best players were struck out... but I played second base and ran around a lot then was sent into right field because they were all such big hitters... I was running around like a mad thing - and loving it!

I have been askedif I would like to be trained as a pitcher, something I never really thought about, but yesterday I got out there after the game and practised pitching - and today I can barely lift my right arm! OMG I didn't know how much a pitcher used their tricep muscles... I think I am going to have a big bulging right arm if I dont start working out the other one too!... Or as a friend said I will be a lopsided Popeye!

Well today, once again, I am entirely grateful for my day off, especially due to the fact that it rained a lot this morning, highly unusual for SA this time of year, but we are very glad for it that's for sure! Anyway once the rain cleared we decided that we really needed to go and tend to our bee hives - we are newbie bee-keepers so we are learning as we go too... (here comes the embarrassing story)

We noticed that one of our hives had stuck their frames to the base board with honey comb, this is something we needed to clean up...

So of we trekked all decked out, determined to not get stung again (this has been happening a bit lately, last one was on my cheek bone as it got under my veil). So I was prepared this time, I had long pants, long shirt, veil and long elbow length leather gloves - nothing was going to get me today!

We got the smoker fired up and everything was going smoothly - even though we had some seriously ticked off bees... you can tell when they are angry as their buzzing sounds different.

Anyway, we were doing really well and had scraped the base of the first frame clean when a felt a crawling up my leg - but I couldn't do anything I was holding a bee laden frame with thousands of bees all over it..

Me: 'Maaaattt, There is something crawling up my leg...'
Matt: 'You'll be right, it's probably just an ant, just keep going.'
Me: 'Seriously, the only ants down here are bull ants and I don't want them up my pants, I have to put this frame back in and get it out,'
Matt: 'Next time tuck your pants into your socks.'
Me: ''
Matt: 'Ok, just get the frame back into the hive and get it out'
Me: [rushing to get the frame back in whilst walking like a cowbow so I don't squash the ant into my crotch area] (which is where the thing had crawled to by this stage)
Matt: 'Pull down your pants!'
Me: 'Wow Babe, so romantic... OUCH!!!'
Matt: [trying desperately not to laugh] 'You ok, was it an ant?'

So you get the idea... I got stung on the rude bits by a bee! But then a few bees fell into Matt's glove and stung his wrist (that's what you get for not wearing the right gloves Mr Smarty Pants!) But then I got stung on the shin through my trackie pants, so we gave up - we will have to do it again next weekend... (I am totally wearing Jeans tucked into socks next time) At least the honey that we got was delicious, but totally not worth the price!

So, now the issue is that I have a sore (you know what)....which I am hoping it is better by tomorrow because at this stage I can't walk without it hurting let alone do a boot camp or a run!!

And on that incredibly embarrassing note I am off to cook dinner!

I hope you are all having a good rest day too!! Take care all and fill me in on what you are up to!


  1. Bahahaha. Ouch, sorry Haze I nearly fell off my cross trainer . I was reading , and thinking, no surely not. It can't possibly crawl up that high, not to THERE! But did go. Um sorry for your pain :)
    So happy to hear your son has completed his chemo. Hugs and prayers for excellent results x
    Excited to hammer theses last few weeks and I'm looking forward to kicking off 2013 with Round 1, looks like a few of us in the same head space.
    Tuesday is carb free just what I need after yesterday, damn that Turkish Bakery. Have a great week.

    1. OH YUM Turkish bakery... I miss bread...