Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entry 49 - Dec 2012

OK so that last 5 days have been red flags days... My husbands bday was on Friday, mine was on Monday and my oldest sons bday is today, where we are having 6 boys for a sleep-over party - not sure how much sleep is going to be happening!... (and all this is just one week before Xmas!)

So how have I gone...

On Friday Matt turned 39! But luckily the meal he wanted for his bday dinner was a curry - so I made the I-cant-believe-it's-not-butter-chicken recipe and I only had a weeny slice of the pavalova (with strawberries and Chantilly cream) but I saved my snacks as I knew this was coming and I stayed under the 1200 Cals

Saturday was Softball so I burned lots of cals and stuck to the 1200

Sunday was AWESOME!!! I did all the Xmas shopping in the morning (had a JingleBerry smoothie from Boost for breakfast - it was very yummy) and rushed home ate a wrap for lunch and went for a massive hike with 6 other 12wbt'er for our mini milestone challenge. It was awesome. Not only was it awesome to meet everyone that I have been chatting with over Facebook but it was a really tough hike up the mountain at Morialta Falls Conservation Park.

We started with the steep incline and to me it felt like we were going straight up... Boy was I out of breath by the first stop. Although once the initial climb was out of the way (about 30 mins) it was a very gradual decline from there, except at the end where it was a steep decline, made even steeper by my back side as I slid to a spectacular halt, grazing the side of my leg and bruising my behind. But if you know me, you know that I am totally uncoordinated and I had expected to fall more than just the once - I was incredibly thankful I didn't fall off the edge.

I was fine the next day, except for my knee again. It was already a bit sore from softball but I think the mountain hike made it worse. So I have been dosing up on Wild Krill oil which is doing the trick. Unfortunately I haven't been able to exercise since the hike, but I think I can fit one in on Friday morning - I am sure my knee will be ok and if not I will strap it and do it anyway.

Which brings us to Monday - my birthday!

It was a pretty boring day actually - although I did take the kids out to breakfast at Virginia Nursery - it has a restaurant too - and I had eggs benedict (450 cals) but I wasn't hungry at lunch time and had a snack instead so I was back to level with the cals. I also wasn't sure if Matt was getting cake (even though I asked him not to) so I saved my snacks.

As it turned out I didn't get a cake so I had 1 1/2 servings of my Snags (my requested meal) and a skinny cow ice cream sandwich for dessert.

I think my family may have cottoned onto the idea that I am on a diet program, usually for my gifts I get fancy chocolates, taken out to dinner, etc etc. This year I got a yoga mat, a MB water bottle, a Rebel Sport voucher, and cash!! (oh and a bee-keeping magazine subscription)

Yesterday was an exhausting day of preparing for my oldest sons bday party (which is today) we are having 6 boys sleeping over - yikes! So my house if filled with chips and lollies... but hopefully not for too long. For dinner they are having hot dogs (which I cant eat due to them being filled with MSG) so Matt and I are going to be having the Kangaroo Larb again. To combat the looly craving I am sure to have I have made a JUMBO fruit salad filled with summer fruits and berries - YUMMM!

However yesterday I was supposed to be helping in a soup kitchen but as I never got a phone call back I was told I wouldn't be needed (well she said she'd call me if I was needed) I was a bit disappointed but hey at least now my house is clean!

So this week I lost 500gms... which I am not too unhappy with as I am very constipated at the moment... well I was before weigh-in - thanks to some Senekot I took last night I am no longer 'bunged up' as Matt so lovingly calls it...

Anyway I must be off - I have a cake to decorate and water pistols to name...(don't ask!)

Please let me know how you all went with your weigh-ins!!

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